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From "ASF IRC Services" <>
Subject Summary of IRC meeting in #couchdb-meeting, Wed Feb 13 14:01:49 2013
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2013 14:35:57 GMT
Members present: Noah, jez0990, jan____, benoitc, mikewallace, garren, rnewson, dch, daleharvey,

Meeting summary:

1. Preface
  a. last week's minutes from
(dch, 1)

2. 1.3.0 

3. docs

4. last minutes

5. fauxton

6. 1.3.0
  a. Noah will be Release Manager for 1.3.0 \o/ (dch, 6)

- Noah will be Release Manager for 1.3.0 \o/ (dch, 14:34:51)

IRC log follows:

# 1. Preface #
14:01:58 [rnewson]: hello.
14:02:25 [jan____]: topic: 1.3.0
14:02:35 [Kxepal]: topic about docs
14:02:35 [dch]: #link last week's minutes from
14:03:18 [jez0990]: howdy
14:03:25 [dch]: hi everybody, rise and shine, it's meeting time!!   Noah   benoitc   drsm79
 garren  Humbedooh    sbisbee  any other topics to share?
14:04:10 [dch]: ok shall we start.

# 2. 1.3.0  #
14:05:08 [dch]: Has a release manager been accepted?
14:05:15 [dch]: erm selected?
14:05:56 [jan____]: this is between rnewson and Noah
14:06:08 [Noah]: i am happy to do it
14:06:15 [rnewson]: I'm happy to let Noah do it
14:06:23 [rnewson]: so no jelly wrestling to settle this one.
14:06:23 [rnewson]: sadly
14:06:23 [jan____]: EOT
14:06:30 [Noah]: i am happy to accept payment from rnewson for doing it
14:07:15 [dch]: we are blocker free
14:07:26 [dch]: anything else for 1.3.0 other than getting in a serious amount of jelly?

# 3. docs #
14:08:30 [dch]: Kxepal: all yours mate!
14:08:45 [Kxepal]: dch: thanks
14:08:53 [Kxepal]: sorry, if I'll be slooow /:
14:09:15 [jan____]: take your time
14:09:15 [Kxepal]: first about COUCHDB-1658 - it's should be very helpful for 1.3 release
14:10:38 [Noah]: Kxepal: why?
14:10:38 [dch]: " Redirect to online docs if local aren't available " & comes with patch.
14:11:00 [Noah]: COUCHDB-1658
14:11:08 [Noah]: ah cool
14:11:31 [dch]: Kxepal: for the official releases we'll be distributing a pre-built docs branch
anyway. So presumably we are talking about those people who build from git but don't have
sphinx etc available.
14:11:45 [Noah]: i dont see the point of this patch tbh
14:12:15 [Noah]: hmm - i guess if it's just a link thats fine. the thought of replicating
the docs sounds bonkers
14:12:30 [jan____]: yeah, this is only useful for people who build from git and in the past
we determined that this isn’t critical for 1.3.0
14:12:31 [Noah]: i am not sure i like the auto-matic redirect. a simple link might be better
14:12:32 [jan____]: to which I still agree
14:12:45 [jan____]: no need to hold off the release for this,a s the release will include
14:13:03 [Kxepal]: ok, thanks. second question is about docs restructuring
14:13:15 [Kxepal]: Current one is good, but a little confused
for users. I'd tried to write mail first about such proposal, but I don't like to propose
something without doing something. So that's the idea about restructuring:
14:15:02 [Kxepal]: few articles are borked now since I'd tried to also track 1.2/1.1/1.4 releases
and lacked of time, but I'm able to finish 1.3 version in next two days.
14:15:11 [Kxepal]: is it real to have such docs in 1.3?
14:15:23 [Noah]: Kxepal: id feel more comfortable if we punt this until after 1.3
14:15:30 [Noah]: we're three months late at this point
14:15:46 [dch]: Kxepal: thanks this looks like a huge improvement. Some pieces might be better
outside the release branches tho (e.g. couchapp tools perhaps).
14:15:59 [dch]: but I'm +1 on leaving this til post 1.3.x.
14:16:13 [jan____]: Kxepal: this looks great!
14:16:21 [jan____]: but +1, let’s ship 1.3.0 as is
14:16:21 [Kxepal]: dch: may be, but it's also question about what user expects to see in docs
14:16:24 [Noah]: Kxepal: agreed with dch - this looks very good. my *only* concern is delaying
14:16:28 [dch]: we can still put additional commits / docs into master or the 1.3.x branch
after the release and they will be built & shown up on the web.
14:16:28 [jan____]: and then get the changes in
14:16:43 [Noah]: Kxepal: would you be interested in helping me integrate CouchDB: The Definitive
Guide too at some point?
14:17:15 [Kxepal]: Noah: sure! that was my first idea, but I throw it away since I don't know
about licenses issues that may come with it
14:17:28 [Noah]: Kxepal: legal is fine. we're gonna do it.
14:18:07 [Kxepal]: Noah: ok, so no delay and no rush from my side. may be it's will be even
better to have it with 1.3.1
14:18:28 [dch]: I'm happy to help, esp if somebody project manages my arse and says "this
chapter this week". 
14:18:58 [dch]: Kxepal: great job though, there are lots of improvements all the way through
that! Many thanks.
14:19:13 [dch]: Kxepal: any other stuff for #docs then?
14:19:30 [Kxepal]: dch: only about 1.1/1.2 branches
14:19:50 [Kxepal]: I keep tracking them, but where to host they?
14:20:45 [jan____]: can we push them to the readthedocs?
14:21:05 [Kxepal]: need some point as git repo for example
14:21:15 [rnewson]: the book needs a fair amount of updating iirc
14:21:27 [dch]: Kxepal: best send a short note to the dev@ list for that. I can't see a problem
in keeping them in 1.1.x and 1.2.x branches as .rst files, and relying on rtd to clean up
& format. I don't think we'll need more than just a handful of settings.
14:22:10 [Kxepal]: dch: ok, leaving this topic on after meeting summary
14:22:33 [dch]: Noah: anything re the Guide? or just a passing mention? 
14:22:33 [jan____]: rnewson: yeah +1, our hope is that that happens if we fold it in
14:22:49 [benoitc]: damned i didn't realized the meeting was now
14:23:53 [Noah]: dch: just a passing mention - this is post 1.3
14:24:00 [dch]: Noah: sure
14:24:30 [dch]: OK, so a couple of items from last weeks --
14:24:38 [dch]: COUCHDB-523

# 4. last minutes #
14:25:02 [rnewson]: jan____: hm, the book form feels like it needs a lot more focus than community
docs, but I demur. I could work with you to update it for a 2nd revision or whatever. might
be fun.
14:25:25 [jan____]: rnewson: it needs a proper restructure
14:25:38 [Noah]: rnewson: we'd like to re-publish post-integration
14:25:40 [rnewson]: sure
14:25:45 [Noah]: rnewson: and do a new edition with each major release (imo)
14:25:53 [jan____]: rnewson: woud love to tag-team that, and then encourage the docs team
to help fil in th blanks
14:26:03 [dch]: aye small incremental change rather than a 2 year tsunami
14:26:08 [jan____]: re 523: bump to 1.4. or later
14:26:09 [dch]: +1
14:26:31 [dch]: COUCHDB-1654 was resolved many thanks jan____ and all
14:26:45 [dch]: COUCHDB-1654
14:27:23 [dch]: and fauxton came onboard with a whole raft of people - kudos chewbranca garren
mikewallace drsm79 !
14:27:32 [Noah]: \o/
14:27:40 [garren]: cheers
14:27:53 [mikewallace]: ACTION waves
14:27:53 [dch]: Any further items?
14:28:15 [Kxepal]: chewbranca: by the way, about last minutes, I'd promised you some docs
for benchmarking. they are still on reviewing by our security dept. to let not leak something
important. hope that will finish on next week. sorry for delay ):
14:28:15 [garren]: Can I mention a quick fauxton item?
14:28:45 [dch]: Kxepal:  no problem. Also I realised we can use npm repo for this too. Glad
to hear you're getting things sanitised.
14:28:45 [dch]: garren: shoot

# 5. fauxton #
14:29:30 [daleharvey]: btw the people working on puton, the admin for pouchdb are going to
start working on / with fauxton
14:29:38 [garren]: I'm looking for people with some Responsive design skills. We might to
make Fauxton a little more responsive. I've done some basic work but need people that are
better at that than me.
14:29:45 [garren]: daleharvey: awesome.
14:29:53 [dch]: daleharvey: great news!
14:30:23 [daleharvey]: I will send an introduction since they will likely have a few questions
if thats cool
14:30:26 [dch]: we should tweet that, see if we can interest somebody to join in.
14:31:23 [garren]: I can send a mail to @dev and think that might be a better starting point.
14:31:38 [dch]: garren: you want to send a note to dev@ asking about that then? 
14:31:46 [garren]: yes sure
14:31:53 [dch]: if there's no further topics, let's call this a wrap.
14:32:00 [jan____]: +1 on tweeting about getting designers to help.
14:32:23 [dch]: jan____: can you do the honours on that from @couchdb ?
14:32:31 [jan____]: sure
14:32:52 [jan____]: once we can point to an easy "how to contribute"
14:33:01 [dch]: right.
14:33:53 [dch]: ok, we're done -- thanks everybody!
14:34:12 [dch]: Noah: I'll topic back to 1.3.0 and add an action for you as RM ok?

# 6. 1.3.0 #
14:34:51 [dch]: #action Noah will be Release Manager for 1.3.0 \o/
14:34:56 [jan____]: woot!

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