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From "ASF IRC Services" <>
Subject Summary of IRC meeting in #couchdb-meeting, Wed Feb 6 20:09:59 2013
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2013 20:35:01 GMT
Members present: jsonified, tilgovi, Jarda, jan____, kocolosk, chewbranca, Wohali

Meeting summary:

1. Preface

2. 1.3.0
  a. Wohali to round out COUCHDB-523 (jan____, 2)
  b. Jan to solicit review for COUCHDB-1654 (jan____, 2)

3. Fauxton
  a. Fauxton getting ready to be submitted to the ASF (jan____, 3)

4. AOB
  a. Next meeting is on the same date, but 6 hours earlier (jan____, 4)

- Wohali to round out COUCHDB-523 (jan____, 20:15:52)
- Jan to solicit review for COUCHDB-1654 (jan____, 20:18:14)

IRC log follows:

# 1. Preface #

# 2. 1.3.0 #
20:11:44 [jan____]: quick report for me: the only outstanding issues so far are COUCHDB-1654
and COUCHDB-1667
20:11:52 [jan____]: I plan to commit 1667 after the meeting
20:12:22 [jan____]: 1654 needs review by view server savy people. I’d like to get at least
a pair of eyes form benoitc kocolosk or davisp on here. Haven’t heard anything yet
20:12:38 [jan____]: it looks farily complete to me, so I think we can start shipping 1.3.0
after that.
20:12:45 [jan____]: anyone anything to add for 1.3.0?
20:13:29 [jan____]: ACTION plays jeopardy music
20:13:37 [kocolosk]: thanks a bunch for hacking on that jan____
20:13:37 [chewbranca]: SHIP IT
20:13:44 [jsonified]: any documenty stuff needed?
20:13:44 [kocolosk]: it's been a very busy week for me
20:13:52 [kocolosk]: i haven't forgotten about it
20:13:59 [Wohali]: jan____: 
20:13:59 [Wohali]: oops
20:13:59 [jan____]: kocolosk: my pleasure, I learned a lot.
20:14:07 [Wohali]: jan____: i still have that thing to port back but it doesn't have to be
in 1.3.0
20:14:07 [jan____]: eager to get it reviewed though :)
20:14:14 [chewbranca]: let me know if there is anything in need of testing on 1.3
20:14:29 [kocolosk]: understood
20:14:29 [Wohali]: COUCHDB-523
20:14:53 [jan____]: Wohali: ah check
20:14:59 [jan____]: I wasn’t entirely accurate
20:15:07 [Wohali]: i'll try
20:15:07 [Wohali]: rephrase
20:15:14 [Wohali]: i will make time for it this week :)
20:15:15 [jan____]: there are is also 1313 that rnewson wanted to do, but we can bump that
20:15:37 [jan____]:
20:15:44 [jan____]: Wohali: cool, thanks
20:15:52 [jan____]: #action Wohali to round out COUCHDB-523
20:16:01 [jan____]: chewbranca: all the testing, any time, installs, updates, performance.
20:16:37 [chewbranca]: jan____: sounds good
20:17:17 [jsonified]:
20:18:14 [jan____]: #action Jan to solicit review for COUCHDB-1654
20:18:22 [jan____]: ok, anything else on 1.3.0?
20:18:52 [jan____]: cool.

# 3. Fauxton #
20:19:59 [jan____]: chewbranca: all yours
20:20:08 [jsonified]:
20:20:22 [Wohali]: that's a big ship
20:20:30 [chewbranca]: fauxton is coming along, licenses added for most everything, will update
the NOTICE file tonight
20:20:40 [chewbranca]: and have a few last 3rd party libs to check the license on
20:20:45 [chewbranca]: but should be good to go soon
20:21:07 [chewbranca]: also of interest, I pushed out the functional UI of the new view editor
yesterday if anyone wants to check that out
20:21:22 [jan____]: #info Fauxton getting ready to be submitted to the ASF
20:21:37 [chewbranca]: those were the two big status updates
20:22:14 [jan____]: cool
20:22:22 [jan____]: Jarda: any specific questions for fauxton
20:22:52 [Jarda]: jan____: regarding the issue tracking and repository etc
20:22:53 [jan____]: tilgovi: ohai, we’re just covering fauxton, and did 1.3.0 before. if
you want to hook in, after the fauxton topic it is AOB
20:23:48 [Jarda]: jan____: but I guess the license update already told most of it
20:23:49 [tilgovi]: oh, neat. I thought it was the other time today.
20:23:54 [tilgovi]: glad to stumble in
20:23:57 [jan____]: Jarda: it is going to be in the CouchDB source tree proper. Issues can
go into CouchDB JIRA, or
20:24:24 [jan____]: Jarda: you won’t need to be able to BUILD CouchDB to work on Fauxton
though, we ship with a proxy feature that lets you work against, say IrisCouch
20:24:39 [Jarda]: jan____: yeah I have the dev env up and running
20:24:54 [jan____]: coolio!
20:25:02 [Jarda]: just would like to see a proper roadmap with issues or such
20:25:09 [jan____]: any more fauxton business?
20:25:30 [jan____]: Jarda: gotta refer you to chewbranca, but I believe there is a collection
20:25:30 [Jarda]: to better get a grip of what needs to be done (well at the look of it, a
20:25:52 [jan____]: understood
20:26:07 [chewbranca]: current rough todo list is
20:27:22 [jan____]: woot
20:28:07 [jan____]: okay, anything else futon related?
20:28:17 [chewbranca]: not from me
20:28:22 [Jarda]: nope
20:28:25 [Jarda]: (I like it a lot)
20:28:44 [jan____]: cool

# 4. AOB #
20:28:59 [jan____]: anything else?
20:29:07 [Wohali]: +1 on wikitext in jira, plz
20:29:07 [jan____]: the latecommers, any more topics?
20:29:14 [jan____]: Wohali: ECHAN
20:29:22 [Wohali]: jan____: no word on my acct, do you have to do anything?
20:29:38 [jan____]: Wohali: also ECHAN :)
20:29:44 [Wohali]: lol sorry
20:30:07 [jan____]: tilgovi: I’d love a review on
20:30:37 [tilgovi]: oh great. can do. I was just reading that code on the plane.
20:30:44 [jsonified]: yup, we propose to do next week's meeting at the earlier (for europe)
20:30:45 [jan____]: coolio then. letting this sit for a minute and closing out the meeting
20:30:47 [jsonified]: was that 3pm?
20:30:52 [jan____]: tilgovi: perfect!
20:30:55 [jsonified]: or 2pm UTC?
20:30:59 [jan____]: jsonified: yes
20:31:01 [jan____]: 6 hours earlier
20:31:23 [jan____]: #info Next meeting is on the same date, but 6 hours earlier
20:31:30 [jan____]: 2pm GMT,
20:31:37 [jan____]: -,
20:34:09 [jan____]: ok cool EOM

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