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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: CouchDB 1.3 release?
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2013 12:57:54 GMT

On Jan 2, 2013, at 20:01 , "Theobald, David" <> wrote:

> Hi CouchDB Team –
> I was curious if there has been a release date scheduled for the 1.3 release of couchdb?
 There are a couple of Jira tasks that are blocking a project I’m working on and was curious
when they’d be generally available (specifically:
> Also is there a recommended method to build Couchdb from source ahead of a the general
availability of the 1.3 release?  If I could cherry pick the fix for the JIRA item above that
would work for me as well.

    git clone
    git checkout 1.3.x
    make distcheck

This will create and test a apache-couchdb-1.3.x-githash.tar.gz tarball that looks and smells
like a release tarball (but isn’t a release tarball :) that you can take and install as
you see fit. If you want to cherry-pick things around, do it before ./bootstrap :)

Check ./INSTALL.Unix and ./DEVELOPERS in the top level dir of the source tree for dependency
information. (In particular, if you want to skip building the docs or installing the dependencies
required to do so, you can also install from the source directory directly, after `./configure
--prefix=/path/to/install`, do `make` and `[sudo] make install`


> Thanks much!
> David…
> David C. Theobald 
> Senior Product Architect, Web Experience
> Office: +1.515.978.4072
> Akamai Technologies
> Des Moines, Iowa

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