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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Re: My take on
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2012 03:00:45 GMT

Sorry for the delayed response to this. When I read this, my first reaction
is to suggest that you work with Simon et. al. to discuss your ideas for
the next version of Futon. You're right, we shouldn't let this fragment too

My take on it is the same as my take on any feature. That the people doing
the work are the people who get to make the final call. But you should
certainly discuss your ideas, and even collaborate, with the existing Futon
effort that is underway.

I apologise if you have already done this. I realise your email is almost a
month old now.

On 13 November 2012 19:27, Ryan Ramage <> wrote:

> Hi all. I have over the last few days put together what I feel is another
> approach to It can be found here:
> I know that there has been a lot of momentum behind the fauxton work, and I
> really dont want to fracture the community with a different futon. I simply
> want to early on propose an alternate code base to start with.
> Code speaks, and while this repo is still very much in its infancy, I think
> it has good foundations to build on.
> I ask that those wanting to help with the work compare this repo
> with the fauxton repo here:
> I surely dont have the time to finish mine. I would need community buy-in.
> I want the community to decide. So if the community wants to go with the
> fauxton style, that is fine with me. I just am providing another option.
> So why do I feel this is a better style?
>  - grunt-less. Grunt is powerful yes, but it adds a lot of procedural
> overhead, and a lot of tooling.
>  - less tooling. As futon next probably will be needed to be bundled with
> the couchdb build, this style can be used with no node js dependency. It
> also aligns with the work of the erica couchapp tool which may be bundled
> with couch.
>  - streaming. I took some time to get the example all docs working with
> really large page sizes. This is done via streaming json parsing, and
> virtual grid rendering. I dont think that backbone will work well for this.
>  - style. It looks like a familiar web project that most can jump in and
> help with.
>  - context. Runs in 3 modes out of the box, filesystem, http, and couchapp.
> Thanks! And I look forward to a flood of emails around this thread in true
> couch community style :)
> Ryan


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