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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject Re: windows support, cross compilation, and build reuqirements
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2012 09:32:43 GMT
On 13 December 2012 09:25, Benoit Chesneau <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> As you know I am working on porting some part of rcouch to couchdb to make
> it more otpish and such.
> Part of it requires to play with the build chain of couchdb and I'm trying
> to list all the requirements and answers to the following questions. I also
> would like to work on a one **reproducible* and **automated** way to build
> couchdb on different platforms without requiring manual patching and such.

For me, this is rebar. All the Windows-specific patches are now in rebar-2.*
and it should "just work". This would enable a normal/sane person to build
CouchDB on Windows with a minimum of pain, and a reliable result.

> - Why do we need autotools? Part of the story is related to this "VPATH"
> thing, but I am still waiting for a clear explanation not convoluted in
> details or related to a man. Ie. what are the usescases in human words. How
> it is used today. by who. Other is related to the dependencies check but
> seeing how many people are using rcouch and build-couchdb I have some
> doubts about the usefulness of that. Also autotools are really only useful
> on linux.

I agree; at least for Windows, using autotools forces us using cygwin which
makes the build fragile, and painfully slow. To be clear, that's not autotools
per se, but how cygwin or mingw are implemented on Windows. You get non-native
performance as a result of a very clever compatibility shim.

> - windows toolchain: so far i have these wikis and posts:
> also glazier doc :

Huh. All that cruft from just one person. Somebody should tidy that up.

All of our components (snappy, jiffy/ejson, icu) can be built directly
in Windows without needing cygwin etc, except for Spidermonkey where we
do need the mozilla toolchain. But at least it's very clean to install.

What do I envision for Couch* in future on Windows for building?

- Msys Git if you want to build from source / checkout
- Erlang/OTP, static linked with OpenSSL
- Windows Compiler (MS SDK 7.1)
- MozillaBuild for Spidermonkey
- a packaging tool (for .exe, MSI)
- rebar driven setup

The simplified approach is under way here, although it still
has to be able to build Erlang/OTP from source at the moment.

I am pretty sure that once I've re-tested this, I can shoehorn it all
into CouchDB proper, and dispense with the separate script approach. I'll
do this on your OTP branch if that's OK. It seems like the right place.
Or I can branch the branch and keep it separate as you like.

> While I really appreciate all the efforts around it looks rather hackish
> for now and I would like to help to make it more generic and easy to use
> for others. So what are the requirements, quirks and problems found for
> now? (I'm not speaking about couchdb issues). Can we have a clear list
> about that ?
> - osx build wit the desktop addition: how it is sorted to be
> build automatically  What arre the requirements & co?
> - others ? I know that some people worked in embedding couchdb on other
> platforms. Having a list of the patches they use, why they aren't in the
> project upstream and other details would be cool. For ex having the full
> story of iErl4 and couchbae-android-framework of couchbase would
> be interesting. But there are others around. I will also do my part on that.
> VoilĂ . Improving the toolchain of couchdb would be a really nice goal for
> 1.4 and I hope we can achieve this in time.



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