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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Re: Futon.Next Proof of Concept
Date Sat, 03 Nov 2012 16:37:48 GMT
Bit late with my response, but hey ho. Reasons.

Dale sed:

And yeh, as we seen with the last futon revamp it should most definitely be
> in a seperate repository from a full couchdb fork, it tells people they
> have to build couch to work on futon, its a nightmare when working on stuff
> inside couch and trying to dogfood the new UI etc etc

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I would just like to plead
with the people who are passionate about this to consider doing this within
the Apache Git repository. If you want to work on this, but don't have a
commit bit, I will give you a commit bit.*

* I will call a vote and badge the community into giving you a commit bit.

In fact, this is all just part of a secret* plan to hand out as many commit
bits as possible. It massively depresses me that people want to hack on
CouchDB outside of CouchDB, simply because they don't have commit bits.
That's totally broken! I want to tempt you all into the project, and grow
our committer base. Because, selfishly, if you have a commit bit, you can
hack on other stuff too. CouchDB 4 lyf, yo!

* Not so secret any more, I guess!

I'm dead serious. If there's a group of people* who want to hack on this,
and you'd probably be happy doing it in our main repos on a feature branch,
but the only thing stopping you is not having a commit bit, speak up, and I
will personally make it happen. (Or try to!)

* Hoping specifically to bag both Dale and Simon as committers... ;) (Hey,

Also, Bob sed:

If the choice is node as a build dependency versus checking in compiled
> artifacts, I choose node.

Perhaps someone can clarify for me what a compiled artefact is? We can't
ship compiled code. We can ship compressed or package code. But if we're
compiling code into bytecode or machine code, that is a complete no-no in
both our repos and our releases.

On 31 October 2012 18:37, Russell Branca <> wrote:

> Hello,
> The Cloudant proof of concept code is up on
> For
> now don't worry too much about the GUI (we have some wireframes in the
> works to share soon), the things of interest are:
> * modular system for building GUI components, on top of backbone and
> bootstrap, including the ability to load external modules.
> * grunt build system, "compiles" into a database or share/www, e.g.
> can be served out of localhost:5984/_utils/fauxton/index.html
> * "skin-able" via less
> * JSON text editor with live linting and error messages using JSHint
> Obvious things that need working on:
> * integrating with automake etc for releases
> * the GUI
> * developer documentation
> We'd be interested in what people think, specifically if this is a
> good foundation to build on. Barring any show stoppers this
> will be what we use to build the next Cloudant user dashboard, and it
> would be good to involve and collaborate with the wider community as
> early as possible.
> I'll be around today in the irc meeting today if anyone has any
> questions or ideas.
> Cheers
> Russell & Simon


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