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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject IRC meeting - 2012-11-14
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2012 22:05:05 GMT
Hi everybody,

This week was brought to you by the Fauxtoneers, working away on next-gen
Futon for your couch, and pecorino and barolo to get me through the meeting.

Full meeting logs/actions are available from URLs at end.

## Next Meeting:

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Place: Wednesday 21st November

- [time]:
- [calendar]:
- [countdown]:

## New Actions:

- Dave Cottlehuber to send out reminder each Tuesday
- Jan Lehnardt to update COUCHDB-1581 to set to not blocking for 1.3
and fixfor 1.4
- Dave to ask Robert Neson to comment on blocker status for
- Adam Kocoloscki to pick up COUCHDB-1346
- Paul Davis to add any hot tips to ticket
- Dave Cottlehuber to send details to Adam on setting up the test Windows AMI
- BenoƮt Chesneau to send more CORS patches through for review
- Simon Metson to confirm if he can make ApacheCon US & hopefully
coordinate a CouchHack

## Help Wanted
- review of structure / approach welcomed
- great opportunity to write JS tests for COUCHDB-1368 / COUCHDB-1521
ping #couchdb-dev

## In Progress:

- Jan Lehnardt to kick off planning for CouchDB Conf Berlin, Jan 25-27
- Randall Leeds to review Robert Newson's work for COUCHDB-1259
- Noah Slater to add a packagers list

## Deferred post 1.3.
- mail to dev@ to  discuss release branch procedure
- Bob Dionne to mail dev@ discussing couchdb-internal-api details
- Adam Kocoloski & Benoit Chesneau to send summary of testing in their
forks to dev@ to start the discussion
- Adam Kocoloski to provide woolly update on how cloudant and bigcouch
and couchdb fit together in the future
- Noah Slater to send out release cadence as discussed in Eire with
Robert Newson




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