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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject Re: wiki main page needs to be ported to website one page
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2012 07:14:35 GMT
On 5 November 2012 03:24, john.tiger <> wrote:
> building from source is always a good refresher in using the documentation -
> in my case, it meant going to the web site.   Er, sorry, the web site really
> sucks, really bad.  Cant' find anything. The one page idea is actually nice
> but the content is totally useless.
> But I did manage to find the wiki - the main wiki page is excellent - it's
> exactly what the web site should be.  btw the install instructions on the
> wiki for linux are very good and easy to follow - kudos to whoever wrote it.
> One addition might be a reminder to remove any system package that might be
> installed (some of us need that) - and maybe a note about the dev test
> I saw some discussion re the one page but wasn't following it.  Are there
> plans to port the main wiki page over to the web site ?  is someone already
> doing that or does it need help ? or does someone actually think the website
> is good as is ?

Hi John,

I'd thought post 1.3 of slowly migrating much of the wiki content into
.rst format and the source tree. A lot of the wiki info is related to
older versions, having it stored in git means:

- we can remove the non-current information
- make it available through the website as a link to 0.11.0 or whatever

And yes, it does need help.

The one-page website is ideal as a sales story but we should make it
simpler / easier to find other stuff.

Building from source is one of those things that is a massive hurdle
the first few times you try it, then embarassingly obvious later on,
so one forgets what is important.  Even just adding your roadblocks
into a jira ticket will help enormously in reminding us what needs to
be fixed.


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