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From Benoit Chesneau <>
Subject otp branch
Date Sat, 10 Nov 2012 20:43:57 GMT
OK I have started the work to make couchdb an OTP implementation. Work
is done here :

For now the branch doesn't build, only the configure step pass. It
also doesn't support embedding in other OTP applications yet.

What is done:

- integration of rebar
- better detection of Erlang using m4 macros
- couch_index, couch & couch_replicator are now full OTP applications
with their own supervision
- couch_mrview has been rebarified
- Layout of the code is quite similar to the current one :

   - now src/ contains full OTP applications.
   - dependencies have also been removed from the source. A mechanism
similar to the one in rcouch will be added to fetch the dependencies
before creating the source tarball that will be distributed.
   - couchdb has been renamed couch as it should have aways been.
   -  couch_db.hrl is now in the include/ folder of the couch application
   - couchdb find etc filess first in the release first. So a couchdb
release could be relocatable. Of course this can be overridden easily.


- Integrate rebar to the build, and build C code.
- Add needed changes to create the final OTP release (add reltools,
edit templates)

Btw do we need to support all spidermonkey versions?

- benoƮt

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