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From "john.tiger" <>
Subject wiki main page needs to be ported to website one page
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2012 02:24:53 GMT
building from source is always a good refresher in using the 
documentation - in my case, it meant going to the web site.   Er, sorry, 
the web site really sucks, really bad.  Cant' find anything. The one 
page idea is actually nice but the content is totally useless.

But I did manage to find the wiki - the main wiki page is excellent - 
it's exactly what the web site should be.  btw the install instructions 
on the wiki for linux are very good and easy to follow - kudos to 
whoever wrote it.  One addition might be a reminder to remove any system 
package that might be installed (some of us need that) - and maybe a 
note about the dev test

I saw some discussion re the one page but wasn't following it.  Are 
there plans to port the main wiki page over to the web site ?  is 
someone already doing that or does it need help ? or does someone 
actually think the website is good as is ?

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