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From Ryan Ramage <>
Subject Re: Futon.Next
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2012 17:43:28 GMT
> Short question: is there any reason to bring this preprocessors,
> nodejs tools, some weird mini package managers for just an GUI for
> some HTTP API?
> Why not to keep Futon dead simple:
> git clone
> cd futon
> couchapp push http://localhost:5984/mydb

Yes, the repo link I provide works exactly with a simple

git clone
cd jam-garden-starter
erica push http://localhost:5984/mydb

> Simple. Easy. Works.
> Guys, we're not going to make yet another CRM with custom templates
> and plugins. KISS. We'd already blamed Futon2 for his complicated
> structure, please don't make Futon.Next already complicated before the
> first commit pushed.

I have been trying to perfect this for a while now. Kind of a terrible
life goal. We want the ability to really crunch the app js and css
down as well. Using the make command will do this and then we can
simply cut a release branch. Then who wants to use the released
minified version would do this:

git clone
cd jam-garden-starter
git checkout production-1.3
erica push http://localhost:5984/mydb

No dependencies need. All less and js small and tight.

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