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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject IRC meeting - 2012-10-24
Date Sat, 27 Oct 2012 12:42:18 GMT
Hi everybody,

This week definitely felt nautical! Ship It:

Full meeting logs/actions are available from URLs at end.

## Next Meeting:

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Place.

Doing one week on a Tuesday or Thursday might help others attend. I've
not had anybody propose an alternate day or time, but please let me

## New Actions:

- Dave Cottlehuber to collate leftover github tickets and jiras and
send out a hit list
- Noah Slater, Jan Lehnardt to create and circulate a JIRA filter
- Noah Slater to add a packagers list
- Dave Cottlehuber to be a bit more patience about creating actions! ;)
- Joan Touzet to raise how we work with package maintainers on dev@
- everyone weigh in on Ryan Ramage's thread on dev@

- Garren Smith to send f2 update by next week [DONE]
- Robert Newson to email or jira his thoughts on a migration tool from
non-sharded couch to shared bigcouch. This may or may not require an
HTTP layer [DONE] - COUCHDB-1578
- Dave Cottlehuber to add a jira ticket for generating CHANGES from
sphinx documentation paragraph tags [DONE] COUCHDB-1579
- Dave Cottlehuber to to document how to add versioning info for
documentation changes to wiki [DONE]

## In Progress:

- Dave Cottlehuber is going through JIRA and mark items that block 1.3
release (help welcomed, start from the bottom of jira :-)
- Dave Cottlehuber to keep 1.2.0 doc updates moving
- Noah Slater to announce 1.3 blockers JIRA workflow, and invite
contribution to final feature list
- Adam Kocoloski & Benoit Chesneau to send summary of testing in their
forks to dev@ to start the discussion
- Joan Touzet to help Wendall Cada with build system work
- Adam Kocoloski to provide woolly update on how cloudant and bigcouch
and couchdb fit together in the future

## Deferred to after 1.3.

- Noah Slater to send out release cadence as discussed in Eire with
Robert Newson


Many many thanks everybody!


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