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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject [IRC] dev meeting 2012-10-18
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2012 11:57:25 GMT
Hi everybody,

We had another week whizz by in IRC and real life! Thanks everybody
who attended, and reminder if the time *doesn't* work for you please
let us know!

New Actions:

- Garren Smith to send a proposal to the mailing list for futon2, &
check in with Alex Shorin & Ryan Ramage
    jspec discussions to get rolled into general futon2/jquery.couch
work with the above
- Dirkjan Ochtman to update wiki with how do add versioning
information into rst docs
- Dave Cottlehuber to keep 1.2.0 updates on track, show some visible progress
- Robert Newson to email or jira his thoughts on a migration tool from
non-sharded couch to shared bigcouch. This may or may not require an
HTTP layer
- Robert Newson to think of a better name for

In Progress:

- Noah Slater to send out release cadence as discussed in Eire with
Robert Newson
- Dave Cottlehuber will go through JIRA and mark items that block 1.3 release
- Wendall Cada and Joan Touzet to get stuck into packaging
- Noah Slater to announce 1.3 blockers JIRA workflow, and invite
contribution to final feature list
- Adam Kocoloski & Benoit Chesneau to send summary of testing in their
forks to dev@ to start the discussion
- Joan Touzet to help Wendall Cada with build system work
- Adam Kocoloski to provide woolly update on how cloudant and bigcouch
and couchdb fit together in the future

Use the Futon if you're going to sleep: via


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