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From Robert Newson <>
Subject Re: (Dynamically) excluding documents from a view query
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2012 13:29:45 GMT
I can't speak about ElasticSearch, but the CouchDB-Lucene query would
certainly reflect the current state of your database (i.e, no "delay")
when you query.

As for the original question, I don't think you can achieve it
directly with CouchDB views. If you emit each tag of a document as a
key, and null for value (e.g, emit("a",null)), then you could make two
concurrent queries for ?key=a and ?key=b, and read each, row by row,
filtering out as appropriate. It's not trivial.


On 16 October 2012 05:50, boazc <> wrote:
> Hello,
> My documents contain tags which have a corresponding view.
> I want to retrieve all documents that contain a certain tag, but don't
> contain another one.
> (Note that I don't know about the possible tags in advance).
> Example:
> id: doc1, tags: [a, b]
> id: doc2, tags: [b, c]
> id: doc3, tags: [a, c]
> If I want all docs with tag=a but not tag=b I expect to get only doc3.
> Is there a way to achieve this on CouchDB side?
> Needless to say I cannot do it on the client side as I cannot benefit from
> pagination and anyway might receive an extreme set of documents I need to
> work on.
> I know I can turn to some search engines e.g. ElasticSearch or
> CouchDB-Lucene, but other than introducing a new component to the system it
> also means an inherent delay between the "real" data and the indexed data
> which in my domain is unacceptable.
> Thanks!!
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