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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Re: [meeting] IRC 2012-10-10
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2012 12:06:18 GMT

Here's the summary...

Action items:

   - Ryan Ramage will talk to bigbluehat and find out current status of
   futon2 for next week
   - Octavian Damiean to post summary of frameworks options about futon to
   mailing list
   - use Noah Slater as the bot and forgo the pythonscript
   - Dave Cottlehuber to find way to track when features were introducted
   in docs
   - Dave Cottlehuber to note who's working on what wrt to doc
   - Noah Slater to send out release cadence as discussed in Eire with
   - Dave Cottlehuber to include link to release cadence
   - Dave Cottlehuber to humbly apologise in minutes for jumping the gun,
   and see if we have any people in asia timezone who are left out
   - Dave Cottlehuber will go through JIRA and mark items that block 1.3
   - Noah Slater will assist Dave Cottlehuber with JIRA efforts
   - Wendall Cada and Joan Touzet to get stuck into packaging
   - Noah Slater to announce 1.3 blockers JIRA workflow, and invite
   contribution to final feature list
   - Adam Kocoloski  to send summary of testing in their forks to dev@ to
   start the discussion
   - Wendall Cada to take point on cleaning up build 0.9 cruft
   - Joan Touzet to help Wendall Cada with build system work
   - Adam Kocoloski to provide woolly update on how cloudant and bigcouch
   and couchdb fit together in the NEW WORLD ORDER
   - Noah Slater to set up a LYSE mailing list

Friendly reminder to Ryan, Octavian, me, Dave, Wendall, Adam, and Joan:
let's try to nail as many of these before our meeting on Wednesday!


   - Dave Cottlehuber indicates broad consensus that we want to merge in
   - jan____ wants us to kick off an exploratory work to see if this will
   - Octavian Damiean eckoit put hands up for helping futon2 integration
   - everyone in the channel agreed docs should target the 1.3 line and
   - everyone in the channel agreed docs in 1.3 should only cover changes
   since 1.2
   - Dave Cottlehuber plans to go ahead with doc plans unless anyone
   objects on the mailing list
   - proposed to defer fixing a couchapp format post 1.3, and work on a
   consensus approach
   - Ryan Ramage and chewbranca both expressed interest in leading couchapp
   effort with Benoît Chesneau
   - Benoît Chesneau will branch the cors code tomorrow
   - general consensus from those who made it that this time works for them
   - try to keep this short in future
   - Adam Kocoloski and Benoît Chesneau to send summary of testing in their
   forks to dev@ to start the ball rolling? I see this as a 1.3+
   - Wendall Cada has offered to help with the tests
   - pouch in futon discussion tabled until dale can join us
   - bigcouch merge dependant on community consensus around build system
   - build system discussion to be brought to a close asap after 1.3
   - refer to for dependency locking


In future, could you circulate the minutes to the list? Ideally, we want
these to be as visible as possible. And also, it is important that we're
opening up the meeting to the list, for further comment and discussion. We
must remember that the IRC meetings are a convenience only, and that any
project level decisions must be taken on the list.

Also, we need to clearly identify info points and action points. The wiki
page doesn't do a good job of highlighting these.

Can we also get the minutes circulated immediately after the meetings on
Wednesdays? (I know you had some issues with this meeting, and that these
minutes were prepared by hand. So this isn't a criticism!)

On Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 11:12 PM, Dave Cottlehuber <>wrote:

> Hey folks,
> We had an IRC meeting last Wednesday EU time. Many thanks to our bot
> @nslater for tireless channel logging.
> Here we go!
> Agenda:
>     Futon2
>     Doc Versions
>     CouchApp Tool & Format
>     CORS
>     1.3.0
>     Test Suite
>     Merge All the Forks
>     Admin
>     Other Stuff
>     IRC summary
>     Full Transcript
> Next Meeting:
>   Same Bat Time, Same Bat Place
>   #couchdb-dev
>,420,5x1 or
> If you're like to come along but can't make it, let us know - we can
> vary the timeslot once a month for example if that helps.
> Highlights:
> A+
> Dave


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