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From Robert Newson <>
Subject Re: Inspiring comment about CouchDB on Hacker News
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2012 14:03:40 GMT
I'll be in Boston next week and plan to spend a good chunk of time
with davisp on the merge. If not actually doing it, since we'd have to
do over, but a trial run through.

For 1.3, I think it's just CORS patch waiting now? No movement in a
while so I wonder if we can agree that if we don't make progress by
the end of this month, we bump it to 1.4. As for couchdb-1175, the
conneg thing, I suggest we bump that to Future or close it. Since we
plan regular time-based releases, bumping should be a normal operation

There must be some more minor and not so minor bugs we could fix in
1.3 that are not marked for the release and possibly not even filed. I
encourage everyone to look for those things and tag them for 1.3. A
flurry of small fixes would be great, giving us the foundation for the
merge. I will separately look for any fixes that cloudant have made to
our couchdb code with a view to back porting. I know we have some
important fixes and enhancements to the new 1.2 replicator. Anyone,
dev or user, that spends time finding and filing replicator related
tickets for 1.3 is making a meaningful contribution.

Sent from the ocean floor

On 9 Oct 2012, at 13:47, Noah Slater <> wrote:

> I wouldn't worry too much about that. Perhaps he has no experience of
> BigCouch, and only saw the lack of conversation about it. But overall, I
> like his vision. Of course I would. I don't necessarily believe that there
> is a "race" to "win", but I do think we're doing ourselves favours by not
> bending to the whim of the masses, and competing on features. Trying to
> please everyone is the quickest route to mediocrity. However, we could
> probably pick up our pace a little bit. And after the 1.3 release, I'm
> hoping we can pitch together as a group, and do a bit of community/release
> management.
> On Tue, Oct 9, 2012 at 12:43 PM, Robert Newson <>wrote:
>> That "defunct" comment is rather upsetting. Wasn't true then, isn't
>> true now. But perhaps this just reinforces my zero tolerance policy on
>> HN.
>> Sent from the ocean floor
>> On 9 Oct 2012, at 10:50, Noah Slater <> wrote:
>>> My old CouchDB retrospective ended up on the front page of HN, again...
>>> I thought I would quote this, by Riyad Kalla, because I find it very
>>> inspiring:
>>> FWIW, this was written in July of 2010 (2+ years ago) -- CouchDB is in a
>>>> very different place now than it was then.
>>> Reading the mailing lists of CouchDB, Redis, MongoDB and Cassandra are
>>>> _very_ different experiences.
>>> CouchDB's list reads like 10 or so of the same people discussing very
>> high
>>>> level efforts like documentation and Windows builds, developing the DB
>> at a
>>>> glacial pace -- including merging in changes from all the spin-off
>> CouchDB
>>>> efforts that all seem to be defunct now (e.g. BigCouch and the sharding
>>>> code).
>>> Tangentially, MongoDB/Redis/Cassandra mailing lists are NOTHING but "How
>> do
>>>> I..." questions, deployment questions, feature development questions,
>> patch
>>>> submissions, etc. (more-so Cassandra and MongoDB lists).
>>> CouchDB to me has found this life that feels very academic to me which I
>>>> think is a good thing in the long-term for the project. The principles
>> are
>>>> in no rush to get to features and have the motto "slow and consistent
>> wins
>>>> the race". I would be surprised at all if a few years go by and then
>>>> CouchDB gets rediscovered suddenly as the panacea to everything
>> (something
>>>> akin to how Jetty suddenly became hot business in the Java server world
>>>> after being mostly ignored for 10 years)
>>> With the money behind Cassandra and Mongo it is probably not much of a
>>>> surprise that there are much more new deployments going on and Redis has
>>>> found a place somewhere between the two with what I would say is a
>>>> Linus-like steward at the helm (props to Salvatorefor being everything
>> that
>>>> is right with open-source)
>>> I wouldn't build a commercial product on CouchDB tomorrow, but I am
>> eagerly
>>>> waiting to see where it goes in the next year. It is wonderfully
>> designed,
>>>> but I'd like to see some of the nagging "table stakes" issues like
>>>> replication failures fixed before caring about Feature XYZ and release
>> 2.0
>>> Here's to the future! We have a lot of work to do.
>>> Bisou,
>>> --
>>> NS
> --
> NS

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