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From "john.tiger" <>
Subject Re: Futon.Next
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2012 14:06:59 GMT
2 thoughts:
1) would suggest to base it on erica rather than introduce a nodejs 
dependency (though encourage any nodejs based alternatives)
2) some talk on irc yesterday re version number - would strong recommend 
that be versioned in sync with couchdb - I've seen other 
projects where key add ons have different version numbers and it becomes 
really confusing with what works with what.  having 1.4 be 
compatible with couchdb 1.4 makes life much simpler.

On 10/25/2012 04:19 AM, Garren Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> Futon has been a great web ui for Couchdb for many years. However it's definitely getting
a little old and creaky. It has the basic functionality down but is missing much-needed features.
>  From what I've heard and tried myself, a new shinier Futon has been attempted many times
before. Each one ending in failure. We think it's time to end that. We want to create a new
Futon. One that adds new functionality along with the current functionality available in Futon.
We need to create an app that's easy to use for someone new, and powerful enough for someone
who is an experienced Couchdb user. Something that can help with their administration of Couchdb.
> With that in mind a group of us have been chatting about building the next one. We want
to get the rest of Couchdb world involved.
> I've summarised our current progress and the current questions that need to be answered.
> The highest priority is the organisation and planning of Futon.Next:
> Who wants to help out?
> So far the following people have said they are interested, Octavian (@mainerror), Ryan
(@eckoit), Alexander (@kxepal), Simon (@drsm79), Ben (@bigbluehat).
> If you are interested in getting involved let us know.
> How would you like to contribute?
> How do we work? Do we have a weekly IRC meeting? Or just by email?
> We have a github organisation [1]. I've created a repository[2] and we can use the issue
and wiki to plan.
> After we have those questions answered we need to make some technical decisions:
> Do we start on a new codebase or do we use an existing code base?
> Futon2 was one proposed code base [3] and Yowzer was something I coded in slight anger
after finding futon 2 frustrating [4].
> Cloudant says they could have something by next week to show us that we could possibly
> What Couchapp tool do we use?
> Erica seems a good choice with it being talked about with Couchdb otherwise Nodejs +
Couchapp + grunt.js could also be a good fit.
> Some decisions that have already been made:
> Futon.Next will be a single page couchapp.
> Twitter bootstrap seems to be the main choice as a starting point. Along with Less.js
so that it can be custom themed.
> Backbone.js seems to be a popular choice as the MV*.
> Alexander would like us to consider using Pouchdb and said he would try and do a prototype
to see if its possible.
> Please add anything I've missed and let me know your contributions. I'm also new at working
on a large Open Source project so would appreciate any corrections on how we are doing this.
> Cheers
> Garren
> [1]
> [2]
> [3] Code, Demo of it
> [4] Code Demo

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