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From Simon Metson <>
Subject Re: Futon.Next
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2012 17:29:31 GMT

On Thursday, 25 October 2012 at 18:14, Ryan Ramage wrote:

> - Erica (might or might not) be bundled with couchdb, but I think it
> is the right choice for the final push to couchdb.

During development it shouldn't matter, really, what tool gets used to push into the DB, assuming
the tools agree on directory layout. Using the bundled pusher when it appears would be nice,

I'd assume that in a release we'd compile things down into the share/www directory and serve
out of there (as we do with the current futon, and will do with the docs), so what we need
IMHO is a build tool not a couchapp push tool. 

Using jam to manage js dependencies would be cool. Caolan, did the grunt/bbb jam task get
built? I vaguely remember you mentioning it.

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