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From Benoit Chesneau <>
Subject Part2: What's up dev? About couchapps.
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2012 09:21:30 GMT

This isn't about tools. I think what @nslater experienced is the lack of
clear direction coming partly from frustration from some devs, and the
need for some to act in competition with other tools. Today what is the

- I ask since a long time to have the control on this
  domain so I can put new doc (and not specific to couchapp the tool) .
Same for the irc channel.
- couchapp ml even if we said long time ago that this is a generic ml,
  some think that this is the ml for the tool. Which isn't and never
had. Anyone can speak on it.

Also I wouldn't say that the concept is obscur or so. I can say that a
lot around are using them quietly in their business. Without asking for

Clearly we need to provide more directions for people. But I would like
to keep the diversity in tools. Just like for clients. Let the users
choose but don't support one more than the other. This is why each time
it was discussed on the ml or during events the idea of adding a tool as
a sub project was abandonned. But we should definitely provide more help to
others. A good start would be linking them to the tools and their doc
if any. Then the users will choose.

For me should be a website defining what is a couchapp ,
how does it works (fundamuntal for shows, lists, ...) then link the user
to different tools. Each tools have their own usages. For  users
couchapp , erica as generic tools,  kanso for those who want a
specific framework, other frameworks around (there are some coming, some
private...) .  Maybe it can also be arecipe place. We should link to
tother when they speak about couchapps. I'm volounter for that.

In summary let take the control back on, the ml and IRC and
start to build a communauty feeded by different tools & experiences.

As a couchdb  developer perspective I also want to split the couchapp
engine from the rest so we can improve it quietly and maybe have
different release cycle too. The couchdb would still embed a stable
version when it's released as well.  It could defenitely speed the
development and will help to includes more users' oriented features. An
app engine need to have a shorter release cycle compared to a database


Hope This mail can launch the discussion and we can start to act. More
important let's the energy come back.

- benoît

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