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From Noah Slater <>
Subject Re: Part1: What's up dev? About energy.
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2012 10:41:10 GMT
Some good stuff in this Benoit.

I think we need to kick some life back into the team as well.

Here are my ideas:

* Set up a weekly team meeting on IRC. Attendance strictly non-compulsory.
Minutes archived on wiki and sent to list afterwards. Get everyone to speak
up and report on status, and any items for discussion. This mirrors a
short-lived, but very useful, "CouchDB heartbeat" that me and Jan were
doing in private during our darkest hour this year.

* Set up informal teams, or work groups. No team leaders.
No hierarchy or bureaucracy. Just promote the idea that people should get
organised around specific areas. Each "team" get's a wiki space. People can
elect to be in the team. Again, no team leaders. Just groups of people. For
example, me, Paul, and Bob are the release team at the moment. This team
has existed for years, but we've not documented it anywhere. Let's do that.
And ask other people to do the same around areas they give a shit about.

* Kick of product management and marketing activities. I'm talking feature
lifecycle stuff. Collecting requests and use cases. Maintaining a roadmap.
Maintaining docs. Setting up a release cadence. Working with PR, bloggers,
etc, ever time we launch. Open up blog itself to the community. We need to
blog about non-release stuff. Demonstrate that we're thought leaders.

* Start to recognise 3rd party projects by either merging them in directly
(BigCouch), creating ASF sub-projects, or learning from them, and blessing
certain ideas. CouchApps is, apparently controversial. One option might be
to re-implement CouchApps in core, taking lessons from 3rd party projects,
but not merging any in directly. The goal being to say that CouchDB core is
both a clustered database and an app platform. No need to depend on forks
or external projects. This shit is important enough to the community that
we're making that functionality core.

Benoit, I know you're going to have some concerns about what exactly I mean
by some of these points. I would like to say, for now, let's put the
discussion on hold. And work through these one by one. Or at
least, separately. I'm trying to devote more hours in the week to CouchDB.
And I only have time to think about and work on one of these things at a
time. I am sure other people feel the same. So, let's be aware that there
are things to sort out here, and different perspectives to unite, and just
put it on the back burner, and pick one of them for now.

I think the first thing we need to look at is setting up a weekly IRC
meeting. I will send out a separate email for that now.

On Mon, Sep 24, 2012 at 10:20 AM, Benoit Chesneau <>wrote:

> What's up devs?
> Following our last discussion with @nslater on twitter, I wanted to say
> a quick HI on the mailing-list. This mail is splitted in 2 parts. A long
> time really. These days I miss what make me enjoy CouchDB at the
> beginning. The energy you could feel on the chan and sometimes IRL. The
> time when anyone was aware of who was working on a feature. Which
> feature was in progress. Today IRC is more like a support channel where
> sometimes ideas emerge but you don't feel they are very supported. There
> are private discussion somewhere.  But well they are... private. Same
> for tickets. We see tickets but more often no real incentive from each
> others (and I am to blame too) to fix them.
> Today to be honnest, this lack of energy annoys me a lot. This is quite
> more important than the rest. At least for me. I don't have 4 devs on
> the projects working with me in my office where I can speak with each
> other about possible fixes and such .. Communication inside the project
> is  really important. Apache CouchDB is an opensource project
> distributed around the world (at least 2 continents).
> Anyway I still keep my confidence in the project. I know there have been
> lot of codes developped around. Today if we don't count the couchbase
> fork (wich is still named couchdb and all...) there are 2 friendly forks
> I'm
> aware of couchdb: bigcouch, refuge.
> Bigcouch was announced to be merged in. But since then we don't know as
> couchdb devs how it will be. How can we keep couchdb working standalone
> and on a cluster. It blocks everything else today for me since I don't
> know if I will work on a cluster or still can continue to think I can
> use couchdb standalone on one node (and possiblit migrate to the
> cluster thing easily). I didn't see anything about in
> bigcouch recently as well. . As a CouchDB developper I would like to see
> a branch in couchdb so we can hack on all together or just review or
> document.
> Rcouch my own fork which has the following features:
> - OTP compliant (build an erlang release, support hot upgrades), bigcouch
> is as well. Today couchdb isn't really erlangish and is based on
> autotools
> - static build support. Packages for deb, rpm, macosx, arm platforms
> - View changes: get changes in an ndex in real time
> - Replication using view changes
> - couch_randomdoc : pick a random document inside a db or a view
> - dnssd : discover couchdb over bonjour in your lan
> - upnp : make couchdb easily accessible on the net
> - refuge_spatial: fork of geocouch adapted to use latest couch_index.
>   (note that a version also exists for bigcouch)
> - HTTP api based on ranch and cowboy (using mochicow for the
>   transition). more stable and efficient HTTP handlers
> - doc read validation (like update validation)
> - dropbox features (anyone can upload only readers or admins can read
>   doc uploaded)
> - some replication fixes.
> - no refcount db , using a patch from @davisp similar to the one in
>   bigcouch
> - ..
> And coming this week: view merge & cors.
> I would like to merge it in couchdb as well. But I don't know how. And
> each time I asked for having a discussion on it it fails because some
> were busy or anything (but never came back). Can we put a roadmap for
> that and start to put the code online?
> Second part about couchapps in next mail.
> - benoƮt


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