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From david martin <>
Subject Re: Part2: What's up dev? About couchapps.
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2012 11:34:03 GMT
On 25/09/12 18:41, Wendall Cada wrote:
> Thanks for the commentary Benoit, very useful. I've read all of the discussion up through
today and I think there are some really great points made that are missed in the discussion.
I want to respond to both the first and second emails here, as they are related in my mind.
> 1. OTP couchdb - For various reasons, this is the only way to go. I know some others
voiced this isn't a high priority, I feel this should be the only priority until it gets done.
> 2. Split couchapps into a separate sub-project. An OTP couchdb with the ability to easily
add functional modules like couchapps would be great.
> Wendall 
Dear Wendall,

       I could not agree more with you.

I would like  to point out that this this wish of yours has been realised it its entirety
for some time now in the project.

Rcouch is a complete working, up to date, rendering of the Apache Couchdb project within a
build and release system totally conformant to OTP principles.

Rcouch build system has no dependencies that are not wholly necessary and sufficient to produce
a relocatable run time containing all the required parts to allow development within it of
further OTP compliant modules.

Erica is also such a system relating to couchapps which, if appropriate could be integrated
as a separate sub-project or left as a stand-alone tool to do what Benoit's long established
couchapps (py the original) does.

A couchapp is an application that is served by and resides in a Couchdb. The tool that encodes
it for this purpose from normal directories to Couchdb structures (which look like directories)
is NOT a couchapp (it may however be couchapp (py the original)). The historic use of the
name of the original Benoit couchapp (py the original) to describe both has caused widespread
confusion. This terminological inexactitude in the minds of potential users, coupled with
the well meant but confusing Evently structures, meant that the initial impetus of serving
applications from Couchdb became very confused.

Last report to Apache board
> Apache CouchDB is a database that uses JSON for documents,
> JavaScript for MapReduce queries, and regular HTTP for an API.
> Started migration of donated documentation to master. Couchbase
> have donated API docs and a DocBook build system that we are
> working through to integrate. We'll be reaching out for legal
> advice on integrating CC-licensed documentation and are looking
> for prior art of this form.
> We are currently working through a number of JIRA issues before
> starting the 1.3 release process.
I would have liked to see this report extended by the following.

This release will continue to build on the ground breaking work of the development team by
keeping all the existing features and documentation and building the 1.3 release in an OTP
compliant environment.
This is being done to enable the full power of the OTP environment tools to address the outstanding
JIRA issues and to rationalise the codebase.

A complete working prototype has been available for over a year implemented on a variety of
platforms and fully conformant with current trunk Couchdb.

here is a 12 minute HD video featuring Rcouch running on a Raspberry Pi (ARM Debian Squeeze)
for your entertainment. I have been running Rcouch 0.5 continuously on a SheevaPlug since
its release by Benoit December 2011.

David Martin (davidoccam)

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