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From Wendall Cada <>
Subject Re: Part2: What's up dev? About couchapps.
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2012 17:41:49 GMT
Thanks for the commentary Benoit, very useful. I've read all of the 
discussion up through today and I think there are some really great 
points made that are missed in the discussion. I want to respond to both 
the first and second emails here, as they are related in my mind.

1. OTP couchdb - For various reasons, this is the only way to go. I know 
some others voiced this isn't a high priority, I feel this should be the 
only priority until it gets done.

2. Split couchapps into a separate sub-project. An OTP couchdb with the 
ability to easily add functional modules like couchapps would be great.


Couchapps have always bothered me for a number of reasons.
On 09/24/2012 02:21 AM, Benoit Chesneau wrote:
> Couchapps.
> This isn't about tools. I think what @nslater experienced is the lack of
> clear direction coming partly from frustration from some devs, and the
> need for some to act in competition with other tools. Today what is the
> situation:
> - I ask since a long time to have the control on this
>    domain so I can put new doc (and not specific to couchapp the tool) .
> Same for the irc channel.
> - couchapp ml even if we said long time ago that this is a generic ml,
>    some think that this is the ml for the tool. Which isn't and never
> had. Anyone can speak on it.
> Also I wouldn't say that the concept is obscur or so. I can say that a
> lot around are using them quietly in their business. Without asking for
> more.
> Clearly we need to provide more directions for people. But I would like
> to keep the diversity in tools. Just like for clients. Let the users
> choose but don't support one more than the other. This is why each time
> it was discussed on the ml or during events the idea of adding a tool as
> a sub project was abandonned. But we should definitely provide more help to
> others. A good start would be linking them to the tools and their doc
> if any. Then the users will choose.
> For me should be a website defining what is a couchapp ,
> how does it works (fundamuntal for shows, lists, ...) then link the user
> to different tools. Each tools have their own usages. For  users
> couchapp , erica as generic tools,  kanso for those who want a
> specific framework, other frameworks around (there are some coming, some
> private...) .  Maybe it can also be arecipe place. We should link to
> tother when they speak about couchapps. I'm volounter for that.
> In summary let take the control back on, the ml and IRC and
> start to build a communauty feeded by different tools & experiences.
> As a couchdb  developer perspective I also want to split the couchapp
> engine from the rest so we can improve it quietly and maybe have
> different release cycle too. The couchdb would still embed a stable
> version when it's released as well.  It could defenitely speed the
> development and will help to includes more users' oriented features. An
> app engine need to have a shorter release cycle compared to a database
> obviously.
> Voilà,
> Hope This mail can launch the discussion and we can start to act. More
> important let's the energy come back.
> - benoît

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