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From "john.tiger" <>
Subject no communication ? signs of a dying project
Date Tue, 18 Sep 2012 15:04:20 GMT
I've tried to get things going on documentation (probably the biggest 
reason couchdb is not more popular) - I put an initial outline forward - 
then nothing - no response.  this is not how to build a successful 
contributor community.  Certainly not like active great projects like 
nodejs, inkscape, ....

I read somewhere that Apache Foundation is where projects go to die.  I 
hope this is not the case with couchdb but if there is no communication 
and no community, the project will die.   Perhaps there is a small team 
that is being sponsored and trying to do it themselves, but it will not 
progress fast enough (and disregards the whole idea of why open source 
works).  Let's move this forward - let's have some communication!

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