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From "john.tiger" <>
Subject Re: organizing docs
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2012 13:19:17 GMT

  glad you like the idea of a docs team (it will let the core team 
concentrate on the db inner workings)

I propose that we set a couple of menu buttons on the main page  - maybe 
as a start:

   - docs
     -- couchdb api docs (or whatever you are working on)
     -- definitive guide
     -- cookbook / snippets / how-tos (whatever it should be called)
     -- 15 min database (or whatever)
     -- FAQ

  - community
     -- mail lists
     -- tutorials (list of published tutorials)
     -- sites / organizations using couchdb

  - contributing
     -- roadmap
     -- how to contribute
     -- bug / feature list
     -- related projects (sofa, pouch, .....)

On 09/09/2012 10:48 AM, Noah Slater wrote:
> John, why don't you pop on over to dev@?
> We're on the cusp of getting docs into CouchDB proper. We've also talked
> about teams. We only really have one team at the moment (the release team)
> but a docs team would be fantastic.
> On Sun, Sep 9, 2012 at 4:14 PM, john.tiger<>wrote:
>> we like couchdb but the most frustrating part of trying to use it is the
>> poor state of documentation (this is not a criticism, just how we find the
>> current state) - there are some docs but they are scattered all over the
>> place and hard to follow or find.  (ie we are trying to find any docs or
>> tuts on the security features as of 1.20 - cannot find it aside from the
>> "what's new" notes and the security chapter in the definitive guide based
>> on 0.11)
>> how can we help to get this organized better ?  right now it does not
>> appear that any docs are downloaded with the source - what is the
>> "official" documentation ?  roadmap ?  there is a wiki, user guide, api
>> listing, the definitive guide book project, some good tutorials but across
>> various versions (especially on couch app, planet couch (which seems non
>> active), much good info in the users forum that could be posted in docs,
>> just a couple of brief posts on jquery.couch, .......   There is not even a
>> menu button for documentation on the home page !
>> is there any sort of "team" for docs ?  if not, let's create one.  is
>> there an "official" place for any existing or new documentation ?  if not,
>> let's assign it or create it along with easy instructions on how to
>> contribute (contributions are sorely needed).
>> so a) I hope the "core" team can recognize/accept the fact the docs needs
>> lots of work and b) we are offering to help and I hope the core team is
>> willing to accept some outside help on this.
>> so if yes to both, first order is to create a docs team (that can make
>> decisions on what goes where, review contributions, ...) and then create a
>> docs roadmap

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