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From Wendall Cada <>
Subject Re: CouchDB pre-built packages
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2012 16:13:48 GMT
On 09/11/2012 07:53 AM, Jason King wrote:
> If you're going to go to this effort, why not go all the way and maintain
> packages in the official repos of the distros?
This is a much more difficult proposition than proposed. Most 
distributions have new developer guidelines that must be followed. This 
can take a considerable amount of work, and often requires a sponsor. To 
be trusted with the ability to push signed packages is yet another level 
of trust that must be established. Most of the distros already have 
package maintainers. These packages are rarely kept current, and do not 
correlate with upstream releases. Even when they are updated, they are 
typically only built for the latest "testing" branch and don't help any 
real users.

This is a complex issue. Establishing good relationships with 
distribution package maintainers is the best approach for dealing with 
various distributions.

Releasing official packages ensures that the latest stable releases are 
available regardless of distribution politics and release schedules.

> On Sep 11, 2012 1:38 AM, "Octavian Damiean" <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I've had a quick chat about pre-built packages on IRC a few days ago.
>> wendal
>> and me agreed that it would be nice to have pre-build binaries for Linux
>> too.
>> The basic idea was to have something similar to the Nginx guys[1]. A
>> download/install page with direct links to Windows and OS X binaries and
>> instructions on how to add an official CouchDB repository to the respective
>> package manager.
>> This would require additional infrastructure I guess however it would lower
>> the
>> adaption bar quite a bit since not everyone is comfortable enough to build
>> from source.
>> Having such official repositories (for Debian and Red Hat) would also
>> increase
>> trust in the pre-build binaries.
>> If this requires someone to actively manage the packages/repositories then
>> I
>> would volunteer.
>> Any thoughts?
>> Cheers,
>> Octavian Damiean
>> [1]:

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