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Subject Follow-up on: What's up dev?
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2012 13:46:56 GMT

I'm writing as an contributor on the wiki, CouchDB advocate, and

I wanted to follow-up on the initial question about project energy,
and Noah's response, first to say that I'd be glad to help with things
such as documentation, use examples, etc.

Noah asked about "areas [people] give a shit about", so here's what I care
about (if there are any trolls just have mercy and ignore them, thanks):

- As a user (that is, a developer who uses CouchDB as a back-end
  database and front-end in some cases), CouchDB is:
    1. an API;
    2. the API is what Futon tests;
    3. as long as things are "fast-enough" I'm happy.

  Most other things I can work around by writing code.
  (For example: the replicator is muchly useful but not core --
  replicate[1] might be a viable option --; and even though it is a very
  good idea, I never used the _replicator database because I had coded
  for that before it was there.)

  I really don't care whether I use Apache CouchDB, or something
  written in Erlang, or anything else -- as long as it conforms to the API.
  ... I use Apache CouchDB because I want the reference API.

  For couchapps I rely on a modified node.couchapps.js & Sammy.js but
  that's my playground, not the server's.

  The API must be clearly documented, backward-compatible.
  I'd like to see more index types (GeoCouch, longest-match) integrated.

  I depend enough on the technology that I'd start my own version of the
  server if things went really bad.

- As a system administrator I want to be able to deploy private,
  distributed CouchDB simply and reliably. I want to distribute it over
  multiple physical locations, multiple clouds if I can.

  As a sysadmin I understand there are a lot of moving pieces, and the
  most visible ones (view server) aren't necessarily in Erlang.

  I care enough about the stability of my CouchDB installations to
  package my own builds.

  OTP has little practical impact because package managers just do "stop"
  and "start" on upgrades.

  ... I use Apache CouchDB because there's little momentum behind
  BigCouch, and I believed it was going to be integrated anyway.

- As an advocate I had to learn to answer "isn't it dead?" questions.
  On the other hand I have fun when people mention binary protocols.
  But overall I'm advocating for a technology, not a given
  implementation. (And I'd love to have fellow developers prove me wrong,



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