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From Robert Newson <>
Subject Re: Process for code submissions?
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2012 12:02:38 GMT
Hi Nick,

I've merged your new feature to couchdb master, thanks very much!

You'll notice a few tweaks from me;

1) I removed you from THANKS, given that it's now auto-generated (slipped my mind)
2) I fixed the broken etap test (sometimes get_suffix receives a binary, sometimes a list)
3) The algorithm is called utc_id, the suffix property is called utc_id_suffix

We're only partially integrated with github pull requests, so you will need to close the PR
yourself once you're satisfied that I've incorporated your work correctly.


On 6 Aug 2012, at 09:51, Nick North wrote:

> I've updated the pull request with these changes and updates to the NEWS
> and CHANGES files. The note at the bottom of the THANKS file implied that
> maybe I did not need to add my name, but I did it just in case. I'm
> slightly wary of the git processes involved in all this, but the GitHub
> diff looks good, so I hope I haven't made any mistakes. Thanks again for
> your help, and please do let me know of there's anything else I should do,
> Nick
> On 5 August 2012 16:43, Robert Newson <> wrote:
>> Sorry for the delay, the patch looks good to me.  I'm happy to merge
>> it if you do two things. 1) consistent use of utc_id_suffix instead of
>> id_suffix in config 2) add your name to the THANKS file.
>> B.
>> Sent from my iPad
>> On 5 Aug 2012, at 16:05, Nick North <> wrote:
>>> I'm wondering if there is any process for dealing with code submissions
>>> i.e. for getting a decision that they are accepted, rejected, or
>> ignored. I
>>> hope the following doesn't come across as a complaint, because I think
>>> CouchDb and the community are great, but I feel in limbo on this
>> particular
>>> topic.
>>> The reason for asking is that I submitted JIRA issue
>>> COUCHDB-1373<>a
>>> while back, then let it drop for some while before submitting pull
>>> request 28 <> with proposed
>> code
>>> for implementing the suggestion. After some initial discussion on the
>>> issue, there was no response to the pull request, and I don't know if
>> that
>>> means I didn't follow the right process, it has been rejected, it's been
>>> decided to ignore it, or it's gone into a queue to be considered
>> eventually.
>>> There are many good reasons for not accepting submitted code: the
>>> suggestion may be bad, the code may be bad, there may not be the
>> resources
>>> to deal with it, it may be undesirable creeping featurism, it may come
>> from
>>> someone who hasn't demonstrated good understanding of the project etc.
>> Any
>>> of those verdicts might apply in this case but, whatever the reason is,
>> it
>>> would be good to be told it so that I know whether it's worth expending
>>> more effort to improve my chances of acceptance, or whether to spend that
>>> time on finding ways to carry on without the proposed code.
>>> If someone can help or guide me, or give an outline of how things operate
>>> in this area, I'd be really grateful. Many thanks,
>>> Nick North

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