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From Paul Davis <>
Subject Re: couch_query_server refactoring
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2012 11:38:49 GMT
On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 9:59 AM, Benoit Chesneau <> wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 3:59 PM, Paul Davis <> wrote:
>> Benoît,
>> Lately I've been contemplating removing a lot of the Erlang mechanics
>> for this by rewriting couchjs as a single process/multi threaded
>> application. I've seen a lot of issues related to our process handling
>> and I also think we can probably speed things up considerably if we
>> change how this works. Ie, if we move to an asynchronous message
>> passing interface instead of the serialized stdio interface we should
>> be able to get some nice speedups in throughput while also removing a
>> lot of the resource usage.
> What would be the difference/advantage with using something like emonk?

Error handling. Using emonk if you crash and burn it'll take out the
entire VM. Granted if we manage this sufficiently well we should be
able to swap them out interchangeably for people that want to run
Emonk or w/e.

>> As part of that we should also do what you suggest and look into
>> refactoring the top layer to make this stuff a lot cleaner where we
>> call it in places like the rewriter and what not.
>> I'm also not sure what you mean about the couchapp module. Right now
>> if I had to guess I could see a couple Erlang apps: one that
>> encompasses couchjs for JS code, one for Erlang code (for the
>> view/list/show etc) etc etc. I could also see having the
>> rewriter/list/show stuff in its own app as well but its early and I'm
>> not quite awake yet.
> I'm thinking to have a new structure like:
> {src|apps}/
>     couch_qs -> everything really needed for indexation|m/r
>     couch_ape -> everything related to the couchapps

Hard to say. Seems like we could be a bit more granular but I'd have
to see the end result of the refactoring to be sure. Either way, not a
decision we have to make this moment.

>> On Mon, Jul 9, 2012 at 8:10 AM, Benoit Chesneau <> wrote:
>>> I'm working on the couch_query_server refactoring:
>>>     - extract it from the couch app
>>>     - introduce generic way to add query servers written in Erlang or
>>>       calling OS processes like couchjs (so rather than distinct os
>>> processes from native only call an erlang module with some arguments)
>>>    - split the couchapp engine in its own module.
>>> I'm actually wondering why you have one proc / ddoc? Any reason for
>>> that? Apart for the rewriter?
>>> - benoît

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