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From Benoit Chesneau <>
Subject couchdb osx binary branding
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2012 08:06:56 GMT

I have some problems with the current binary linked on the homepage.
Not with the binary by itself which works but with the branding.

1. Titte in about is "CouchDB Server" I don't know what it's means. If
linked on the homepage, it should be "Apache CouchDB" imo and nothing
else. Other than that we should just link it on the wiki.
2. Copyright. imo we should only have the apache copyright for
anything "official". How these copyrights will work if we include the
osx build in the sources btw ?
3. Since the source code isn't in the apache couchdb repository, a
link to the OSX sources should be provided in the ABOUT. It's not
required by the aoache 2 license, but generally we expect to find the
sources in the repository when  it comes from an apache project?

Anyway both can be fixed when the sources will be included in the repo
(Is the process started) ?

Awaiting that I would like to see something that tag the binary as non
official or supported on the homepage.

- benoit

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