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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: Docs, second try
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2012 13:53:30 GMT
Thanks for the feedback, Paul.

On Jun 21, 2012, at 15:16 , Paul Davis wrote:

> I did some poking through of that docs branch the other day. I'll try
> and summarize my thoughts but I preface this with the fact I've been
> up all night debugging.
> The biggest technical issues I see is that I really dislike having the
> non-autotools build inside the autotools build. From the discussion
> I've seen so far this seems to make things fail a lot in icky ways.
> The raw make system that the docs uses seems straightforward enough
> that redoing it to be a proper autotools build just seems like a
> matter of time for someone that knows autotools. But I'd prefer this
> were fixed before inclusion or it'll end up being one of those "we'll
> fix it later but never do" scenarios.

I'd greatly prefer that, I even gave it a shot, but gave up. I'm happy
to do a pairing session with you or Noah on this one.

> There's also the question of making it a soft dep. The doc builds
> require both perl and Java which is two more languages that we'd
> require if they're a hard dependency. Once the doc builds are
> integrated into autotools I don't think this will be a terribly
> difficult thing to accomplish but its another one of those things I'd
> like to happen so its not just carried on and hand waved forever.

The current implementation is a soft dependency, if COUCHDB_DOC_JAR_DIR
isn't defined, the docs aren't built and a message is printed at make

> For legal stuff I'm mostly mollified from my reading. Though I think
> we should also start a thread on legal-discuss (or someone link me to
> one) about possibly non-ASL2.0 compatible dependencies for building
> docs (that aren't required to build the code and would be
> pre-generated for releases so as to not require downstream users to
> install said deps). I think we're good here but I'm unsure enough that
> I'd like some supervision on it.

I think we are good on this based on the "soft dependency" rule.

The dependencies and their licenses are:

 Saxon: Mozilla Public License version 1.0
 Xalan: Apache 2.0 (
 Xerxes: Apache 2.0 (
 xslthl: zlib/libpng

All licenses can be included in source (Apache 2, zlib) or binary
form (MPL) in a release, which we don't even do. None of the
binaries "infect" the documentation .html files we'd ship as far
as I can tell.

But! — I think it is a great idea to present this to legal-discuss@
and get a second opinion.

> Other than that I think it looks good. We should probably take Jan's
> notes from this thread and put them in share/docs/(README|BUILDING) or
> something. And make sure the build system references that loudly if
> things go borkity borkity meatballs.

I hope that is all already in the README :)


> On Thu, Jun 21, 2012 at 7:27 AM, Simon Metson <> wrote:
>> I've been prodding Jan's docs branch this morning. Some successes, some fails.
>> * I can't install xsltproc via brew (as in the docs README):
>> $ brew install xsltproc
>> Error: No available formula for xsltproc
>> * Regardless of that I got the docs to build, and made a PDF/bunch of html files.
>> * I couldn't get this to work with a make of couch itself, the build of couch crashes:
>> /tmp/couch $ ./bin/couchdb
>> Apache CouchDB 1.3.0a-7f1461e-git (LogLevel=info) is starting.
>> {"init terminating in do_boot",{{badmatch,{error,{bad_return,{{couch_app,start,[normal,["/tmp/couch/etc/couchdb/default.ini","/tmp/couch/etc/couchdb/local.ini"]]},{'EXIT',{{badmatch,{error,shutdown}},[{couch_server_sup,start_server,1,[{file,"couch_server_sup.erl"},{line,96}]},{application_master,start_it_old,4,[{file,"application_master.erl"},{line,274}]}]}}}}}},[{couch,start,0,[{file,"couch.erl"},{line,18}]},{init,start_it,1,[]},{init,start_em,1,[]}]}}
>> Crash dump was written to: erl_crash.dump
>> init terminating in do_boot ()
>> which I assume isn't related to docs.
>> * did a make clean in both docs and main dir, once I did that the docs build fails:
>> SEVERE: Exception
>> javax.xml.transform.TransformerException:
"{}block" is not a valid child of "fo:root"! (See position
>> I'm guessing something didn't get cleaned up correctly - I'm going to try a fresh
check out next.
>> Where do you want to go with this beyond having it available from futon? Like I said
in Berlin I'm happy to contribute where I can...
>> On Sunday, 17 June 2012 at 14:17, Jan Lehnardt wrote:
>>> On Jun 17, 2012, at 15:05 , Jan Lehnardt wrote:
>>>> On Jun 17, 2012, at 12:47 , Jan Lehnardt wrote:
>>>>> On Jun 17, 2012, at 12:12 , Jan Lehnardt wrote:
>>>>>> Same repo, some news:
>>>>>> - updated NOTICE
>>>>>> - added minimal css styling to make it not look ass
>>>>>> - made make distcheck pass* (wooo!)
>>>>>> - linked the per-chapter build in Futon instead of the full-page.**
>>>>>> As far as I can see, this is good to go into master.
>>>>> Well, one more thing™: I need to hook this up to `make install`.
>>>>> I'll try and do this right away.
>>>> I got this half done, but I think I will need from you guys.
>>>> The latest version is still on
>>>> If you do
>>>> $ export COUCHDB_DOC_JAR_DIR=/path/to/doc/jars
>>>> $ make
>>>> $ cd share/docs
>>>> $ make
>>>> $ cd ../..
>>>> $ make install
>>> actually:
>>> $ cd share/docs
>>> $ make
>>> $ cd ../..
>>> [$ make]
>>> $ make install
>>> Cheers
>>> Jan
>>> --
>>>> The docs get installed properly and the hook up with Futon works just fine.
>>>> Obviously, we want `make` in `share/doc` to run as part of the top level
>>>> make, but I don't know how to hook this up.
>>>> I tried porting all `Makefiles` in `share/doc` to ` (`
like we do
>>>> elsewhere, but then the docs build system gets confused with paths, I don't
>>>> think this is going to work without porting the whole docs build system to
>>>> the way CouchDB uses make. An easier way for now would be to treat the docs
>>>> build system as a black box that gets started with `make` in share/docs.
>>>> `make install` for docs is handled in `share/ (`.
>>>> Any help is appreciated!
>>>> Cheers
>>>> Jan
>>>> --

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