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From Jan Lehnardt <>
Subject Re: CouchDB packaging for Ubuntu
Date Sun, 10 Jun 2012 17:53:43 GMT

On Jun 9, 2012, at 21:15 , till wrote:

> Hey,
> I've been scratching my own itch and started building 1.2.0 for a couple Ubuntu distributions.

Till, awesome! :)

> It's a WIP but I was wondering the following:
> 1) It builds – but does it work? Is the best bet to run the test suite in futon, or
is there something I could run on the command line when the package is installed? I'd prefer
the command line to include it in some sort of continuous testing without a browser.

For 1.2 you can run `make test` it runs our Erlang-based test suite. It isn't as comprehensive
as the JavaScript suite, but it is better than nothing. Note though that this tests the built
binaries in the source-install directory, not the final system install dir, so there's a still
a margin for errors. But once we can verify that moving files into place and testing permissions
is all fine, this is a reasonable way to make sure things are okay.

In 1.3 (current master) and later, `make test` includes the JS test suite, but it comes with
the same “doesn't run on the install, but the source directory”-caveat.

Maybe we can come up with a way to test post-install as well, kinda like with what we have
in "Verify Installation" in Futon (master) today.

> 2) Who'd have some interest in testing this?

Count me in.

> 3) Which distributions are wanted – I started with karmic and lucid and had planned
to build all the way up to 12.10.

Sounds good to me, I think I am about to abandon my last Karmic instance soon.

> 4) Is there a mailing list to discuss this, or is dev@ fine?

dev@ is fine. There have been discussions about a packagers@ mailing list, but we haven't
done that yet. Like CGS suggests, when we have artefacts to test, looping in user@ is a good
idea, and as usual, nudging the Twittersphere.


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