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From Git at Apache <>
Subject couchdb pull request: Typo fix
Date Sat, 16 Jun 2012 14:54:53 GMT
GitHub user daleharvey opened a pull request:

    Typo fix


You can merge this pull request into a Git repository by running:

    $ git pull typo-fix

Alternatively you can review and apply these changes as the patch at:

commit bedccc8ef801a0516ffa48eb11e43dd9616392b3
Author: Jason Smith (work) <>
Date:   2012-01-16T05:17:03-08:00

    The new spec, with some notes from me

commit 1da5a293e31d65a33ab2099e9eef9a9e47f97d3b
Author: Jason Smith (air) <>
Date:   2012-01-12T19:38:38-08:00

    A module to apply the CORS policy to a given request

commit 96da83114a1fb524c5b0a8cdcdc88238370d68bd
Author: Jason Smith (air) <>
Date:   2012-01-15T17:04:23-08:00

    Build a _security-style CORS object from couch_config

commit e49b12b4dedf05c0ffaf40a23edce5a8442d8bba
Author: Jason Smith (air) <>
Date:   2012-01-15T17:59:47-08:00

    Helper code to build CORS policies and requests, keeping the actual test code clean

commit 91e0760497277da70cf24b4eecd75dc31ec3b34f
Author: Jason Smith (air) <>
Date:   2012-01-15T20:28:22-08:00

    Basic tests confirming when CORS is disabled

commit de431db63a969c05be50814780eccea9af9d1ba8
Author: Jason Smith (work) <>
Date:   2012-01-15T22:52:51-08:00

    Included the X-Forwarded-Host value when looking up the config

commit b9b08e05ec91757bd79122742f3baa756f658e0d
Author: Jason Smith (work) <>
Date:   2012-01-16T02:10:10-08:00

    Move the policy settings *inside* the config object, like _security does

commit 62582c262270c405ad8cef76cbf96ae38de46861
Author: Jason Smith (work) <>
Date:   2012-01-16T04:56:05-08:00

    Set default values into the CORS policies

commit cb37e1ec674dd69013f5ef0422683b0ae1ed2e38
Author: Jason Smith (work) <>
Date:   2012-01-16T05:10:29-08:00

    Implement "actual" cross-origin response (s. 5.1)

commit cf3f9c8c63b3fa38469d5e2bafb7951424d5a753
Author: Jason Smith (air) <>
Date:   2012-02-17T19:04:52-08:00

    CORS policy returns an empty list instead of false for bad matches

commit 7bff399fe225d346dc4dd423cbebd432c7b62701
Author: Jason Smith (work) <>
Date:   2012-02-18T01:58:09-08:00

    Purge HTTP knowledge from the cors policy; the method and headers proplist are parameters

commit 5f1b506298350d8e603c883a5113c0e6a36633e1
Author: Jason Smith (work) <>
Date:   2012-02-18T02:04:13-08:00

    Run the tests in easiest-to-learn order

commit e0fdba3c6939916d27d5b3d1beb608b155c69ad5
Author: Jason Smith (work) <>
Date:   2012-02-18T02:13:50-08:00

    Better confirmation that enabled sites work

commit 35139fd293a7fa2fd8454504589ae2483117493f
Author: Jason Smith (work) <>
Date:   2012-02-18T02:28:07-08:00

    Import tests and code from Benoit's patch in COUCHDB-431

commit 322738a33ffa274bee16ed37633b636661cd6709
Author: Jason Smith (work) <>
Date:   2012-02-18T02:30:02-08:00

    Rearrange and whitespace fix, for readability

commit d732cd2ee206e70f66b86f7f8b4a03d514374a23
Author: Jason Smith (work) <>
Date:   2012-02-18T02:54:37-08:00

    Refactor the CORS policy check to headers() since it returns headers

commit b4e8074007349b7bd5a23e554b9347772f608c91
Author: Jason Smith (work) <>
Date:   2012-02-18T03:01:00-08:00

    Support headers/1 with only the request info

commit 8c85087f18dbf84d1deb72f557395a4d4b1594b4
Author: Jason Smith (work) <>
Date:   2012-02-18T04:20:38-08:00

    XXX Sat Feb 18 12:20:38 GMT 2012

commit 11c35d283ad370bbffd836b2aa043407bd6143aa
Author: Jason Smith (work) <>
Date:   2012-02-18T22:20:40-08:00

    Display the CORS headers in the debug log

commit 504b2e1c00b7144f192687c2425621d74a6bdd99
Author: Jason Smith (work) <>
Date:   2012-02-18T22:21:17-08:00

    Correctly call the cors policy

commit c89faf9f54917ea1a7698469aee24f244e5ae840
Author: Jason Smith (work) <>
Date:   2012-02-18T23:03:01-08:00

    Normalize the list of headers to use string keys

commit 2dd1fac62f1587ec4c4ee2b5db2eae046a076498
Author: Jason Smith (air) <>
Date:   2012-02-19T19:55:35-08:00

    XXX Mon Feb 20 03:55:35 UTC 2012

commit 29f39c7173fd90609e115c52b8731d74f44afd37
Author: Jason Smith (work) <>
Date:   2012-02-20T01:46:47-08:00

    Preflight pretty much working (no tests)

commit c68d62639bfd9489e95f626625bbcee8127b5907
Author: Jason Smith (work) <>
Date:   2012-02-20T19:59:05-08:00

    Whitespace fix

commit d20f118018a1f530210e01fc1dd076dded25ed1b
Author: Jason Smith (work) <>
Date:   2012-02-20T20:05:49-08:00

    Explain sending all the headers

commit 97b56e80ef59f4ca8ba8b0c33b5b76809603d5f2
Author: Jason Smith (work) <>
Date:   2012-02-21T01:59:59-08:00

    Confirm that headers are always lower-cased in the config

commit 9c3f385cd8173b64dc63edb80766e4e786a1985f
Author: Dale Harvey <>
Date:   2012-06-16T03:47:39-07:00

    Revert httpd changes

commit 59e8463460c7ffcf4b35d594dcb414bb157072ce
Author: Dale Harvey <>
Date:   2012-06-16T07:27:58-07:00

    Fixed expected return values to binary

commit 79e0ec4e459a9f9b8c98d00c4119dda2df43e7ca
Author: Dale Harvey <>
Date:   2012-06-16T07:54:05-07:00

    Fix type logging status codes


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