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From Carlton Gibson <>
Subject Re: CouchDBX Redux
Date Wed, 09 May 2012 08:44:32 GMT

On 23 Apr 2012, at 22:20, Benoit Chesneau <> wrote:
> Here it is:

Hi all.

Sorry for the delay in following this up — I haven't had much time for it. 

Short Version
The refuge repo at "Just works" — Unless I'm missing something
(which I might be) I can't see why doesn't just like to the download
Benoit points to and recommend that for new users. 

Longer Version

### 1.
 I spent some time trying to get the Couchbase repo to build. I download the Erlang dependencies
but I don't know enough/have the time to figure out how to put it all in the right place with
the right incantations. (Part of the reason I'm here is to _learn_ about Erlang.)

If someone (Dustin/Dave/Other?) can get the Couchbase repo so it checkouts and builds, I'm
very happy to work o the "Mac App" bit of it going forward if the refuge version isn't acceptable
for some reason.

(Beyond this, my plan now is to start with entry-level tickets.)

### 2. 
Re. 10.8 and Gatekeeper:
 * If people build CouchDBX or rcouchX themselves, no problem.
* Best bet would be for a pre-built version to be signed.
* Otherwise, the page linking to it should say, "Turn off Gatekeeper; launch app; turn Gatekeeper
back on"



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