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From David Pratt <>
Subject Re: website & jira
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2012 00:19:36 GMT
Hi. I like the vibrant new couch site and appreciate the initiative
that has gone into it. I agree with Benoit that text size is too large
to be easy to be easily readable for volume of text in first two
sections. Generally text this large should be used a bit more

An alternative is simply breaking text of 'A Database for the Web' to
two or three columns of content, with each point encapsulated. The
simple twitter Bootstrap site does this well, isolating 9 points under
"Designed for everyone, everywhere".

Similarly, for Want to Contribute? section, images would allow text to
be broken up and sized to make more appropriate. Smiling happy people
collaborating or having fun might be good. Perhaps 4 great images or
videos from conference, events whatever. We want to show that there
are real people behind this that are passionate and support couch.
There must be a raft of these from over the years.

I'd be great to pull max's couchtv into this with all the great video
content there.

Lastly it would be great for there to be a "Built with CouchDB"
section with cool site or app thumbs on a slider to add some motion on
the site and to cycle these out. One site could be randomly chosen
from submitted images as featured side. There is nothing more telling
for someone unfamiliar to see a site, or app they already know being
driven by couch.

In any case, happy to see change here and nice that a responsive
design has been implemented. Please consider comments constructive as
I realize all work takes time, thought and initiative. In general,
appreciate the clean appearance and simplicity.

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