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From Dirkjan Ochtman <>
Subject Backwards compatibility
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2012 13:12:07 GMT
I was just trying to upgrade the first of my servers to 1.2, and it
wasn't that pretty. As I understand it, compatibility with pre-0.10.0
databases has been dropped. However, this isn't mentioned in the
release notes, nor in the Breaking changes. Thus, I had to downgrade
to 1.1.1, compact a database and install 1.2.0 again. This is just a
PITA, and it seems fairly trivial that something like this should be
in the release notes and in the breaking changes.

Apart from that, it's also just a pain to find out if I have any
databases in an old version. The only simple way that I can see is
looking at the /db page (either in a browser or scripted), for each
database. It would be helpful if there was perhaps something like a
Futon page listing my databases along with their on-disk version
numbers and perhaps other relevant sysadmin information (like on-disk
size and the new percentage that's used to trigger auto-compaction).

As it is, I wasn't aware of the relevance of the on-disk format
version, so some databases that just don't need compaction (either
because they don't change that often, or because there's not that many
documents in there) didn't get compacted. I think I'm perhaps slightly
more attuned to the internals of CouchDB (at least I read the
developer mailing list) than the average user, so this might be even
worse for other users.

Also, perhaps the auto-compaction can be upgraded to (optionally) also
compact if the on-disk version if older than current-1, so people
don't have to pay as much attention to this. Presumably there's
already some scheduling going on to prevent auto-compaction from
hitting every database at the same time.



P.S. I'm slightly annoyed, and it probably shows; I hope that doesn't
diminish the value of this feedback.

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