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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Mac homebrew now has couchdb 1.2.0
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2012 21:20:47 GMT
Woo Homebrew!! updated.

I recommend upgrading erlang (and other pre-requisites) for better
performance, and specifically for erlang, line numbers in error

For the lazy:

    brew remove --force openssl erlang couchdb icu4c spidermonkey nspr
    brew update
    brew install erlang --no-docs
    brew install couchdb

& you're done.

For the pedants:

There are still some edge cases where the erlang VM seems to die, on
Lion only. This is largely transparent to couchdb users as the couch
shell script wraps erlang and restarts automatically. It was first
reported by Filipe, and Paul, BenoƮt & Bob have helped me with this
over time.

I've not been able to narrow down why this happens & how to fix it,
but you might be able to help;


brew erlang --no-docs
cd /tmp && curl -#LO
erlc +debug_info erlbork.erl
erl -run erlbork

## & in another term I usually open
lldb process attach -n beam.smp
and wait

You'll get this independent of erlang version. The code's highly
contrived to to restart erlang continuously while running md5_init.

If you
Moving to openssl 1.0.1 *noticeably* reduces the frequency of this
failure (for me) but I can't see how this is apparent in the output I
get from lldb, other than the erlang code is only calling md5_init

To use erlang with openssl 1.0.1:
    brew remove --force erlang openssl
    # in openssl.rb, update the openssl url and comment out the sha
    # in erlang.rb, add a depends_on "openssl"
    brew install erlang --no-docs

and wait again.

Insights very welcome!

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