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From Jonathan Porta <>
Subject Re: website & jira
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2012 23:33:11 GMT
Having worked on projects that were decided by a committee, I agree.  I
think I suggested that due to the fact that I am not a contributor and that
I have only been using CouchDB for a few months and am not fully sure yet
how things are decided within the community.  Please excuse my ignorance on
this one.

Jonathan Porta

On Mon, Apr 16, 2012 at 5:07 PM, Noah Slater <> wrote:

> Some comments.
> "I wish it could have been discussed before too."
> Sorry to jump on you here BenoƮt, but this is not the way CouchDB works.
> And every time I see this unhealthy attitude raise its ugly head, I am
> going to stamp on it.
> CouchDB operates a culture of trust. We trust that community members are
> going to act in the interests of the project. Whatever you want to do, just
> have at it. It is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to get
> permission.
> The only rule to that is: don't be a berk!
> This permission culture that we seem to have fostered in recent years is a
> blight on the project, and it is my hope that we can use recent events to
> shake it off. But we need to start by stamping it out where ever we see it.
> Setting an example.
> The website was not discussed prior to the launch, because I can tell you
> right now, with my hand on my heart, it would never have seen the light of
> day. We'd still be sat here, with a 5 year old site, moaning about it.
> Because everyone thinks they know how to design, and everyone has an
> opinion, and the thing would've been debated until it was killed.
> You can imagine how much I flinched when I read this: "Does anyone think it
> would be a good idea to list the proposed changes/issues to/with the site
> and then have the community vote on them?"
> Not picking on you here Jonathan, but it's a good example of what I am
> talking about.
> Voting on the design of the site is probably THE worst idea possible.
> If we want a site that looks good, then we need to entrust a single
> individual (preferably with a good eye for design, and modern design
> skills) to own the site, and to take responsibility for any changes. That
> is the only way we will avoid the dreaded design by committee, and it is
> the only way we will be able to sensibly evolve our brand.
> So, I am asking people now. Please do not touch the design of the site
> unless you are prepared to take ownership of the design of the site. And I
> mean complete ownership. If you want to mess with the design, please be
> prepared to take further requests. This is not to discourage you. In fact,
> quite the opposite. If someone wants to do this, I would be overjoyed! But
> we need someone who is committed, and who can use their single, unified
> vision to guide us in the right direction.
> Are you a designer?
> Do you think you could help to maintain our one page static HTML website?
> Please get in touch. We need your help!
> In the mean time chaps, I have created a wiki page to collect our ideas.

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