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From Dustin Sallings <>
Subject Re: CouchDBX Redux
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2012 18:38:40 GMT

On Apr 20, 2012, at 10:56 AM, Carlton Gibson wrote:

> I'm not interested in erasing anything either. — I started the new repo as a proof-of-concept
to myself more than anything. 
> First, I had limited time and couldn't get the old repo working. 
> * I tried building at HEAD but Xcode complained of a missing .plist file. 
> 	Trying to build Couchbase Server Single at HEAD:
> 		error: could not read data from '/Volumes/Lion/home/Dropbox/Projects/GitHub/CouchDBX/Couchbase
Server/Couchbase Server-Info.plist': The file “Couchbase Server-Info.plist” couldn’t
be opened because there is no such file.

	There's a Makefile at the top level that generates the plist file to include the current
version.  It pulls the version from `git describe` so all you have to do is tag it and "make"
and you'll get the whole thing.

> 		- First of _many_ but most of the others are due to the lack of the Erlang files. 
> * I tried opening an early commit but Xcode complained about missing a project.pbxproj
> Where I was I was looking at one class and one nib file to have something running. That
I've got, and even if we do fork off the existing repo building it won't have been wasted
> (Also, I've given up trying to fix broken Xcode projects.)

	I suspect it should be pretty easy to get everything together.  I rolled out five or six
releases on this thing from a couple different machines, and I don't like repeating myself,
so it should go pretty smoothly, though may require just a bit of setup (I also don't like
bending environments to my will, so I wouldn't expect it'd need all that much).

> FOR ME, the hard work is all the Erlang+ CouchDB stuff that I haven't even looked at.
If you could point me to a commit that you recommend that I can checkout and build with perhaps
a quick explanation of your build process to get the Erlang/CouchDB in place I would be really
> (I'd be happy to arrange a time to chat online if that's easier for you!)

	The Xcode build should download erlang R14B03 (a binary package I put together that's stripped
down).  We can make a new one of those with a more recent erlang build, but I'd expect the
existing one to work for now.

> I'm only here because I want to contribute to CouchDB — I see on the homepage a missing
Mac download and I know CouchDBX got me started. — Whilst I'm learning I can get that back
on the road. 
> (I'd prefer to work with a build that already exists if possible.)

	I, for one, am very happy to get a new version of this going.  Doubly if an enthusiast out
in the wild does it. :)

dustin sallings

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