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From Carlton Gibson <>
Subject Re: Mac OS X download.
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2012 07:12:33 GMT
Hi Dustin, 

On 19 Apr 2012, at 22:43, Dustin Sallings <> wrote:
> On Apr 19, 2012, at 7:37 AM, Dave Cottlehuber wrote:
>>> 1. It would be nice to resurrect CouchDBX — or build a replacement if that's
not possible.
>> This should be very doable using
>> [...]
>> The erlang / couch bits are well understood and will fall into place
>> quickly I think with some help.

> 	I can help with this as much as necessary.  I still use the thing and would love to
see it live on.  I should also be able to help with upgrades from existing users if we want
to keep that going.

Cool. :-)

>> Homebrew is good, I am struggling to get the recipe committed while we
>> sort out an underlying erlang/openssl issue. In the meantime follow my
>> gist

Summary thus far
I've checkout out the couchbase/couchdbx-app repo. (It's forked here
but there's nothing to see just yet.)

* HEAD looks a little stale (not sure about that) and orientated towards couchbase server.
— I've not downloaded couchbase server itself but it looks as if it doesn't embed the console
output and web view (for Futon) that CouchDBX does/did. 
* However Jan's initial git commit looks exactly what I'm after — I'm going to step through
the commits until I find the latest one that looks close and fork from that. I will then cherry-pick
good changes from later. (The repo history is not particularly long so this shouldn't be too
* There are no surprises in the Objective-C; I see no reason why we can't get CouchDBX going

1. I need erlang+couchdb "in a folder" that I can deploy in the application bundle. My plan
(right now) is to use Dave's gist to install CouchDB via homebrew and get the app working
with that. Once that's in place we just point the script which runs CouchDB to the bundled
version. There are config scripts in the repo we can use/build-on to control getting CouchDB
to write to the Application Support folder and such. 

I'm imagining including erlang+couchdb as a submodule (or whatever). If it's going to go quickly,
I'll need help putting this together.

2. Packaging and Upgrades. There's stuff in the repo for putting together a disk image. Updates
are handled via the Sparkle Framework. Both of these need working through but I suspect there's
nothing too complicated per se. I've not implemented upgrades with Sparkle myself but I believe
it uses some form of signature so there may be issues with a clean upgrade path for existing
users (see below).

3. What's the status of the "CouchDBX" name and domain? Can we use it or do we need to re-name
the app?

Of these, 1 is the one that I feel is most pressing. (So do feel free to solve it ;-)



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