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From ashgavs <>
Subject 2 Posts at once causes problems
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2012 22:30:06 GMT
Hey All,
I am running CouchDB and a web client that updates based on posts the
database made by a robot and by other users. The robot generates maps and
the users can annotate said maps. We just started doing live runs with the
robot (e.g. watching the map change in real time online), and its a bit
buggy. But I think I know the problem.

I did some testing on my client, and made two posts that get posted at
exactly the same time.  We have long polling enabled so I waited for a GET
to see if both made it successfully into the DB.  Both posts went out, but
we only got one GET back. So I checked the database, it had both documents.
So what happened? Why did one get lost?

The robot makes literally thousands of posts in a short period of time. Its
constantly sending the DB information. My theory is that if a user and the
robot make a post at exactly the same time, its possible that the user will
not GET back both posts from the DB, almost like a threading issue. Do you
have any thoughts? Have you seen anything like this before?

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