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From Adam Lofts <>
Subject Re: Gathering ideas for measuring and tuning performance
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2012 09:40:07 GMT
>  Now before I get long winded with details I'm think of, let me state up front 
that I would like to gather your
> ideas on the types of tests that should be done.


I'm new to this list but have been thinking about benchmarking a little so hope
I can contribute to the discussion.

Couchdb already includes a small number of simple benchmarks in test/bench.
I have submitted a pull request [1] to fix the harness so that running 
./test/bench/run works. Adding some benchmarks for e.g. view build performance
would be simple and would facilitate easy benchmarking per git commit.

I also have an unpolished patch which will submit the results to a public
couch. A simple web app could then roll the data into a nice chart to better 
understand performance changes by commit / by release / by os / by platform.

>  Profiles in this case refer to how the database is to be used, are we reading 
alot, writng alot, logging,
> highly concurrent, are we dealing with 5 concurrent session to 2000? Should we 
do test over 1 hour, a day or a week?

Along the lines of profiles my second idea is inspired from how the cairo 
graphics project does benchmarking. Cairo will record the drawing operations
from real applications like firefox (e.g. fill circle, draw gradient, etc...)
into a log and then the developer can play back the operations as a benchmark.

Since couchdb is HTTP we could record the requests done by an app (e.g. from 
running an applications test suite) into a log and build up a collection of
real world load simulations.

Hope some of that is interesting.



ps - I posted this with the gmane interface so hope it formats ok.

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