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From Robert Newson <>
Subject Re: -- Revision ID Calculation -- and -- Request for edit permissions on wiki --
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2012 15:28:32 GMT
Presumably you're reading this;

        atts=Atts,deleted=Deleted}) ->
    case [{N, T, M} || #att{name=N,type=T,md5=M} <- Atts, M =/= <<>>] of
    Atts2 when length(Atts) =/= length(Atts2) ->
        % We must have old style non-md5 attachments
    Atts2 ->
        OldRev = case OldRevs of [] -> 0; [OldRev0|_] -> OldRev0 end,
        couch_util:md5(term_to_binary([Deleted, OldStart, OldRev, Body, Atts2]))

Which, basically, means we add in the md5's of the attachments if we
have them (and a random value if we don't).

In any case, you don't need to slavishly reimplement the current _rev
algorithm to interoperate correctly. The previous revision calculation
was just a random value, after all.

If you include your wiki username I can grant you edit access.


P.S Who in the world would think of printing an email?

On 6 March 2012 14:58, Davies, Owain <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have just joined this list. I am using CouchDB to do an offline web
> app. I am having to re-implement some of the logic for conflict
> detection, win determination and replication. I have implemented a
> that represents that CouchDB API, and am working on the
> offline versions using IndexDB and WebSQL as the persistence provider.
> First off, please could somebody let me have edit permissions to the
> wiki. I am finding lots of undocumented features, or features documented
> in one place but not another. A prime example is _changes?style=all_docs
> which has taken me some time to discover. Of course, one I knew what it
> was called I found it documented in the couchdb guide. Anyhow, I
> digress, if I get edit permissions I will endeavour to record my
> changes.
> Second, can somebody please tell me how the revision id for documents
> with attachments are calculated. I have produced a JavaScript module
> that consistently calculates the revision of documents without
> attachments. I had to reverse engineer erlangs term_to_binary function,
> which is actually quite tricky. But I do not know erlang and I do not
> understand how the Atts2 term is calculated. Any help?
> Kind regards,
> Owain
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