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From Bob Dionne <>
Subject Re: Please report your indexing speed
Date Sat, 03 Mar 2012 22:25:08 GMT
I ran some tests, using Bob's latest script. The first versus the second clearly show the regression.
The third is the 1.2.x with the patch
to couch_os_process reverted and it seems to have no impact. The last has Filipe's latest
patch to couch_view_updater discussed in the
other thread and it brings the performance back to the 1.1.x level.

I'd say that patch is a +1

real	3m3.093s
user	0m0.028s
sys	0m0.008s
real	2m16.609s
user	0m0.026s
sys	0m0.007s
1.2.x with patch to couch_os_process reverted
real	3m7.012s
user	0m0.029s
sys	0m0.008s
1.2.x with Filipe's katest patch to couch_view_updater
real	2m11.038s
user	0m0.028s
sys	0m0.007s
On Feb 28, 2012, at 8:17 AM, Jason Smith wrote:

> Forgive the clean new thread. Hopefully it will not remain so.
> If you can, would you please clone
> And build whatever Erlangs and CouchDB checkouts you see fit, and run
> the test. For example:
>    docs=500000 ./ small_doc.tpl
> That should run the test and, God willing, upload the results to a
> couch in the cloud. We should be able to use that information to
> identify who you are, whether you are on SSD, what Erlang and Couch
> build, and how fast it ran. Modulo bugs.

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