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From Jason Smith <>
Subject Request review of CORS rewrite
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2012 10:01:48 GMT
Hi, Benoit and devs.

I am working a little bit every day on the CORS rewrite. If you could,
would you please review the code in progress?

The policy implementation is 400 LOC now and nearly complete. Features:

1. A single .erl file
2. Purely functional, parameterized, (uses no couch code besides
trivial ?b2l(), couch_util, etc.)
3. Given a global policy, a local policy (_security object), a method,
and list of headers, it returns the CORS response headers
4. For convenience, omit the global policy and we break rule 2 and
pull it from couch_config
5. The local policy is also optional, since _security objects may be

In other words, the only file worth reading is this one, but the Couch
CORS community appreciates if you can glance at it. Maybe we can get
the ball rolling on easy stuff like style and customs while Benoit,
Randall and I pound out the remainder.

Oh, also, I will rewrite the Git history before proposing a patchset
so pardon the mess.


Iris Couch

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