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From Jonathan Porta <>
Subject Re: Any experts care to answer this SO query?
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2012 09:37:15 GMT
Hi Roger,

To agree with your comment, I thought CouchDB was dead/dying until I
joined the mailing lists.  I think CouchDB just needs to "sell" itself
a bit better, and somehow break out of how it is currently lumped in
with (perceptually) to Couchbase products.

Thanks for the suggestion.  Prior to deciding I wanted to use CouchDB,
I have been using a post queue that I wrote.  It's a service that
responds to connectivity events and persists the transactions in the
queue when it is in the correct state.  My app just adds transactions
to it via the post queue service's API.  The transactions are just
JSON strings.   It works really well for persisting data from the
mobile device to the server.

But, it doesn't cover the other side of sync - pulling data from the
server.  I thought if I could be running CouchDB on the Android
device, I can let the data eventually replicate, resulting in the
mobile device having it's needed data, and the server eventually
getting what the mobile app collected.

Do you know anything about Mobile Syncpoint?

Jonathan Porta

PO BOX 21365
Billings, MT 59104

On Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 2:10 AM,  <> wrote:
> I'm so glad I'm not the only person finding it awesome but
> frustrating! I'm currently scheduled to give a talk on couchdb for
> mobile (specifically ios) in London but just know that the Q&A is
> going to be full of 'isn't couch dead / isn't everyone using mongo
> now' type questions.
> To look at your specific question on Android - have you considered an
> alternative architecture where you persist couch objects locally and
> then sync each object to the remote database when required? It could
> well be that your use case requires a heavier client side solution,
> but for the projects I'm working on I find this works really well when
> the number of objects in flight at any one time is low. I basically
> deserialise documents into custom objects which are persisted client
> side and then serialised on the way out again. I get the real benefit
> of couch when it comes to searching (I have some entertaining views)
> and also storing photos etc as attachments and in my case I can
> restrict this to being when the user is online. Obviously this
> approach is a compromise and may not be suitable for your use case.
> TouchDB looks like a really interesting option too ... although maybe
> not production ready yet.
> Roger
>> If anyone wants to give me word on whether Couchbase Mobile Syncpoint
>> is the route I should go for Android, I would appreciate it!  Still
>> trying to figure this out! ;)
>> Jonathan Porta

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