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From "Kevin R. Coombes" <>
Subject CouchDB and JavaScript Documentation
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2012 16:52:54 GMT

CouchDB typically ships with a collection of JavaScript files, partly 
because they are used in the implementation of Futon.  Many of these 
scripts provide tools that are (or should be) useful to developers of 
applications that use CouchDB. As far as I can tell from poking about on 
the web site and wiki, these scripts are essentially undocumented. 
Providing documentation would make them more useful and would make it 
easier for people to develop better applications faster.

I'd like to propose that the Wiki should add a section on "Interfacing 
CouchDB with JavaScript" as a point to start writing and storing this 
documentation. Main subtopics would be
     jQuery    (mostly pointers to the online jQuery documentation. Add 
some comments or examples about specific use with CouchDB)
         jQuery Plugins    (similar.  Point out "suggest", "resizer", etc.)
     Couch Extensions to jQuery    (full documentation of the 
"jquery.couch.js" script)
     The CouchDB JavaScript Object/Class (full documentation of the 
"couch.js" script)
It would be nice to include both "reference manual pages" kinds of 
documentation along with practical examples of usage.  And maybe some 
advice about when you'd want to ise the "couch.js" script and when you'd 
want to use the "jquery.couch.js" script.

We might include a separate section on using JavaScript for map/reduce, 
that mostly points back to the existing view/show/list documentation.

I'm willing to contribute to producing the wiki pages.  The warning that 
goes with that offer is that JavaScript is not my "native language" 
(which actually skews more to things like R and perl) and everything I 
know at present comes from fighting with the code to figure out what 
pieces exist and how to invoke them successfully.  All while learning 
more about firebug than I ever wanted to know....


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