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From Joan Touzet <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache CouchDB 1.2.0 release, second round
Date Wed, 29 Feb 2012 16:04:50 GMT
On Sun, Feb 26, 2012 at 08:25:37PM +0100, Jan Lehnardt wrote:
> I ran Robert's test with a tiny doc and minimal view and saw the 25%
> performance drop, but using more realistic doc sizes and views show
> and improvement for 1.2.x (in one case 1k docs with a view that emits
> a complex key and an integer for the value).

On Debian testing, using all Debian-supplied packages except for Couch
itself, I do not see any performance regression. This is on spinning
platters, 24GB RAM, 4x Opteron processors split across a few vservers,
of which only one is running the couch test.

Because Jan's test case relies on bash and ruby, I've not been able to
run it on Windows, but I could attempt to run rnewson's approach via a
CMD/PowerShell script if desired.

IMO signs point to this being something OSX specific but it's just
speculation at this point.

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