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From Dustin Sallings <>
Subject 1.2.0 bug fix question
Date Sun, 15 Jan 2012 21:47:46 GMT

	I don't want to divert the RFC question for what's really a Q, but I'd like to ask as it
directly affects usability for me.

	When going through the Couchbase Single development, I hit tons of bugs in the replicator
DB, most of which Filipe fixed for me pretty quickly.  As this was before the git integration
and was done in our git repos, it's hard to know whether all those contributions made it back.

	I don't know if actual Apache bugs were fixed, because of the workflow.  I'd hit something,
tell Filipe, he'd give me a fix and I'd be happy.  Do we know if all those things made it
back into replicator DB?

dustin sallings

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