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From Paul Davis <>
Subject Custom Erlang compiler frontend
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2012 03:55:38 GMT
I spent a few hours today writing a custom frontend to the Erlang
compiler to see what would happen if we built beam files in parallel
in a single Erlang VM. I've got it building CouchDB although its not
super well tested. Some times for building:

couch_erlc: 0m19.481s
master: 1m11.445s
master -j4: 0m51.648s

Each build was run with:

    $ git clean -fxd && ./bootstrap && ./configure && time make

Except for "master -j4" which just adds -j4 to the make command.

It doesn't pass make distcheck yet but I figured I'd throw it out
there in case anyone was interested. I'm not entirely convinced its
worth the amount of code, but just in case anyone was interested in
what about we'd get from using Rebar this should be a pretty close
approximation for build times.

Code is up here:

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