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From Robert Newson <>
Subject Re: Do we need 2 entry points for the replication?
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2012 21:52:52 GMT
I would prefer to see a single /_replicate entrypoint, with, say,
"persistent":true to indicate that the replication settings should be
stored. We would also need an API to list all persistent replication
tasks and one to delete them. Which would look a lot like the
_replicator database, though much more controlled (no public passwords
for those jobs that require auth).

I think it's too late, though. There's work on master to fix the
issues with _replicator now (and the similar ones in _user). While I
don't like the approach, it does solve the problem.

Bottom line: It's my opinion that _replicator (and _user) were wrongly
exposed as full-blooded databases when all  we needed to use was the
database format (and carefully curate API endpoints). But, alas, that
train has sailed.


On 19 January 2012 21:45, Benoit Chesneau <> wrote:
> Think it's time to relaunch this threads following the 2 separate
> discussions that we had this morning. Actually we have 2 ways to
> handle the replication:
> - `_replicate` : which isn't persistent and where you can follow the
> task in active tasks
> - `_replicator`: wich is a plain db where any replication task is
> persistent. In that case even if a replication task is finished, a
> document stay in the replicator db and you will have to delete it and
> compact the db from time to time.
> Both are their use cases, and while i think it's good to keep the
> different approaches (persisten against fire and forget), I think the
> API should be more consistent by offering only 1 end point for the
> replication. We could then having different parameters depending on
> the replication type we want (persistent or fire and forget). Also
> both should appear in the active tasks (maybe this point have been
> solved since).
> So I  propose to keep only one entry point : _replicate and pass the
> parameter we want to it. What do you think ?
> - benoit

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